Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sweet moment

This is my second day in kuching.. few more days to go.. :'(
Instead of ice cool finger that pokes me to wake me up everyday in kl, daddy woke me up by calling me bibi and say : eee? 做么多出一个肥婆在睡觉呢?i opened my eyes and replied him with a smile, then continue to sleep..

Instead of small hard bed and very warm room in kl, i can fall asleep in just few minutes on my big, comfy bed and cold room.. with teddy bears and pillows surrounding me..awwww..

Instead of all kinds of nasi goreng, from nasi goreng biasa till nasi goreng pattaya la, nasi goreng ayam la kampung la cili padi la cendawan la.. i really enjoy eating mummy's home made food.. simple vege and fish and meat with soup..

I just went to my 奶妈's house.. which means my baby sitter.. she told us many stories.. she said when i was a baby i cried the most..I stayed in my "sarung" and watched an indian movie, the scene was about the bad guy wanted to kill a baby..maybe because he is black? or i kesian the baby? nah dunno why.. i cried till very loud.. she got scared and rushed to me.. wondering why am i crying since there is nothing to make me cry.. hihik silly baby.. then my dadi said im caring since baby.. should say i love to cry since baby la..

She also told us when we were baby, mummy bought a packet of sugar and fetch us home from 奶妈's house.. then we played with the sugar on our bed while mummy was busy cooking.. she didnt know that we were playing with the sugar..then when she came in our room, we were tearing the packet and sugar is all over our bed.. plus daddy went to miri to work that time.. 妈咪肯定气死了!heehee

Today is valentine's day.. so boring.. honey ah.. why i dont have present kei?? heehee..

Happy Chinese New Year
Happy Valentine's Day everyone~
还有,我爱你哦哈尼! 嘻嘻