Saturday, April 24, 2010

Agressive ah kong

A 96 years old ah kong had just admitted to hospital yesterday.. He was okay yesterday.. he allowed us to check his temperature blood pressure and everything.. But today i dunno what happened to him. When my friend and i wanted to check his vital sign, he scolded my friend.. he said why we can wear baju, he cant wear baju.. i got shocked.. then he took away his blanket and showed us.. yea he is naked.. hehee.. i said maybe he is fever thats why doctor took his clothes away in hokkien.. we communicate in hokkien anyway.. But we still couldnt take his vital sign at all.. He kept on scolding my friend, said he wana tie her up and let her taste the feeling of death.. i laughed hard ah.. so cute~

After a while,a chinese staff nurse asked me to go into his room with her.. she wanted to change his bedsheet.. But the ah kong became more aggresive when he saw the staff nurse.. he wanted to punch her.. and scratch her hands when staff near was beside him.. hehe seriously i was laughing there..:P Then he kept on scolding the staff nurse, said we do all this just wana eat his money.. give medication also wana eat his money.. and he even used the call bell to hit staff nurse.. swing swing swing the call bell there.. 96 years old.. imagine~

I just kept quiet there.. i looked at him for a long time.. he made me think of my grandpa.. :( Staff nurse had not much time to layan him so she asked me to take back call bell from him and she went out..

I apologized to him first then i talked to him softly and gently.. okay i expect him to shout at me too.. i stood very far from him.. Surprisingly, he answered me slowly too.. He tried to talk to me and tell me something, i couldnt listen clearly so i went beside him and listen.. He touched my hand.. and begged me to call his son to come.. i was like.. awwww... :( i said.. "ok ok ah kong.. wa kio yi lai.. lu tang ha..u give me that call bell first ah kong... i need to use that call bell to call ur son.." Then he gets mad and said.. "this is to call misi! not to call my son!" wah.. so clever.. hehehe..k lo mission failed.. i went out and never go in again..

Then few hours later, i heard the staff nurse complained that the uncle hit her with call bell and scolded c***i c***i.. waaaa.. ah kong, not bad bo.. still know this bad word.. And he chased his relatives out too.. i guess he is waiting for someone.. someone that he really wana see the most..T.T

Then the last time staff nurse asked me to empty his catheter and measure his urine.. so i went in with hati yang berdebar debar.. i scared he will hit me with call bell too since i will be doing something on him.. But he was sleeping that time.. i looked at him and he suddenly wake up.. i was like.. " oh shit matilah aku " Then he looked at me and smiled to me.. he told me he is going back.. awww.. then i said.. wah ah kong, ane lu ma si jing hua hi? ( then u must be very happy lo? ) then he smiled and said yea.. jing hua hi.. he said i have 孝心 ah.. XD! nah.. im just being human.. :)

K la ah kong.. take good care of yourself la.. i dont wana see u here again oh.. :P Thats all~ hee

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Im terribly bad mood now!!! there's an anonymous kept spamming me and miss call me.. say he wana tell me something.. and kept asking me know who he is or not.. I KNOW! BUT IM NOT INTERESTED TO KNOW YOU!! AND I DONT WANA ADMIT I KNOW YOU!!! If i say i know u, how should i react when i see you?! He just text me again and say " haha die u ".. okay... what the hell is he trying to say?? i get pissed off so i replied him and asked him to tell whatever he wana say in ONE message and DONT SPAM.. u know what he replied me?? he said next time baru he tell.. now nt in a good mood and busy now.. woah.. like i care...zzz its now or NEVER.. if u dont wana tell now.. dont tell me and dont find me forever please..... i dont have so much time to bother about u.. and one more thing.. his english SUCKS till the max la.. i dont even understand a single thing he said.. thats the most annoying thing!

haih.... i know im very bad by telling all this.. honestly im being a bit discriminate too.. but thats human being.. what more can i say? since i cant tell people..this is the only way i can express my feeling.. and one more thing that made me sad and angry too.. but im too lazy to mention about it liao.. speechless * you just take more than u give~

Monday, April 12, 2010

5 alpha

I realized that its been a long long time since i last chatted with my kuching friends..I just wana let all of u know that.. no matter how many friends i have here, none of them can menandingi you all in my heart..

and i tried to draw our sitting plan in 5 alpha few days ago when i was having my class.. amazingly, i can remember clearly everyone's seats.. except sebas and the gang there.. im not that sure about that because they always change their seats.. this shows how naughty they were.. tehee*

I dont wana forget our every single sweet and bitter moments together.. the time when we gossiped and talked in chin chee leong's class, the time when we ejek teachers' name, the time when we laughed hard at steven ong's lame jokes, such as.. " you can write in any paper, but not toilet paper.. " with his 24/7 = = eyes and his square face..XD the time when we fell asleep in sejarah class, oh by the way.. who's our sejarah teacher during f5?? O.o and the only time when we were very serious during phys and bio class.. jacinta always can read people's mind,*hate it* and angie leong.. the fierce and at the same time, quite lovely teacher.. and the time when we laughed at our "princess fiona".. hehehee..

heehee i love kuching! because you all came into my heart and left a smile on my face right now.. :)