Monday, August 17, 2009



ah tian... why u x put my pic on ur big big pic? why u put u n loke chin nia!

i also wan!!

i also wan!!


i miss ya my friends! muacks

Friday, August 7, 2009



i hate to wash my clothes.....
i really dunno how to wash..
i spend half day "ku" in my toilet to wash my clothes u noe...
wash till backache..
now then i noe how izit feels like to do this everyday like wad u did always..

i also feel sick of the hairs on our floor...
the broom that we bought always stick to our hairs when we tried to sweep it...
the more we sweep, the more the hair on our floor..
so amount of hair is directly proportional to rate of sweeping..XD stupid..

like wad u said mami..
the hairs on our floor really can make a wig lo..
and the sand on the floor can plant a cactus.. T.T

and and and...
my kitchen suddenly gt mushroom man..
mushroom! gosh.... i x put fertilizer pun..
its just beside the basin..
i was thinking..
ok ok grow more! im gonna cook you
but after im back from college..
mati sudah!
easy come easy go.. hihik
the babies all mati also..
sangat kesian..
but can u imagine how cute izit?
whole bunch of mushroom squeeze at the corner of my kitchen wall..

okie thats all..
h1n1 is very serious nowadays..
my tutor everyday force us to eat vitamin c..
even sat and sun also need to eat..
hmm very good very good!
go away ahini!

take care oh my friends and family..
drink more water (i pandai cakap nia la..)
oh ya mami dadi i drink 1.5l of water everyday..
chun chun 1.5l..
hihik i will take good care of myself..dont worry! ^^

tha tha.. <<< who actually noe that tha tha is bahasa tamil?

friends.. i pandai in bahasa tamil oh! next time cakap bahasa tamil with u ppl

mami dadi aying afui popo and my friends..
nan unei kadelikirain!