Friday, June 4, 2010

True ghost stories

Ghost ghost ghost again.. O.O! i had my night shift in Pantai Hospital Bangsar for 3 nights.. Thank God i never met any of them but i heard a lot from friends and staff nurses..

Story 1:
This is a true story based on my senior. It was 4am..She wanted to go 7th floor to take something for staff nurse and as she went into the lift, a guy entered with her.. The guy looked like a doctor, might be due to his physical appearance and the way he dressed himself up.. My senior wished him good morning but there was no respond from him. The guy went behind her and my senior asked him which floor is he heading to.. No respond from him too.. So my senior assumed that the doctor is heading to the same floor as her too.. It was pin drop silence and suffocating in the lift.. When they reached 7th floor, she turned behind slowly... and guess what..the so called doctor is gone...She was alone in the lift.. If i were the girl, i would collapse on the spot.. Total shut down.. tehee*

Story 2:
This is a true story based on myself! :) When i was having my evening shift, it was 8pm.. Everyone was busy with their works.. When i was standing at the counter and doing something else, i heard loud noise in front of the 4 bedded room.. Those were indian staff nurses.. They spoke in Tamil and looked so scared.. i was the only chinese so i was like yeah what the hell?? Then my Indian friend told me they saw someone lying on the bed in that dark, cold and empty 4 bedded room.. The 4 bedded room has a window on the door so we can actually see through the room.. 2 staff nurses saw him and they believed he was the patient who died 2 weeks ago on that bed.. I was so daring to go and check in that room.. For God's sake i see nothing.. phew!

Story 3:
This is a true story based on my friend.. It was night shift as well.. She attended a call bell in the middle of the night and it was double bedded room.. The double bedded room only has 1 patient inside and the patient always complain that the tv beside her always switch on by itself... Besides that, my friend always attend "prank" call bell.. XD When she entered the room, it was empty room with zero patient in it.. So who presses the call bell?? God knows.. hee

Story 4:
This is a true story based on my friend too.. It was 7pm, when she was taking care of an old indian grandma, the grandma kept on pointing to the ceiling.. My friend get annoyed and scared because she doesnt know what is the grandma pointing at..and lastly she said.. "she always look at me.." WAHH!! total shut down! :(

Story 5:
Last night around 2.30am, my ward received a new admission.. She is an old chinese grandma.. I did some orientation to her regarding to her room..She is alone in the 4 bedded room.. But she wasnt looking at me when i was explaining everything to her.. her eyes kept on looking at the bed which is opposite to hers..Then i asked her whether she wants to screen her curtain or not and she nodded.. so i screened it.. Then the upper part of the curtain has some kinda hole or dunno what la.. its decoration of the curtain anyway.. The creepy thing was she kept on looking at the hole and then..she smiled.. My face turned O.O!! then i switched off her light and ran out for my life.. arhhhh~ It was midnight and i was alone.. i dont care whether she smiled to me or she recalled something sweet or she memang like to smile.. This is just soo creepy! oh lord.... :( i cant ask her what is she smiling at.. if she answers: i smile to that lady who is sitting on that bed ya! or she says: " Neh, she is coming and she is just beside u.. " i will... BLAHH dunno what will happen to me by then..

Hantu hantu hantu.. They are everywhere.. I still have many true ghost stories here.. in my condo also got.. but just forget about it.. dont wana show my interest towards them.. hehe.. :( scary~