Sunday, May 31, 2009

Bye puan che som!

Puan che som a.k.a cherry blossom a.k.a 车神 left us already.. She is goin to west Malaysia i guess.. F.Y.I She's my moral teacher, not pendidikan islam teacher.. =,= i have never expected that malay teacher can teach moral..

Imbas kembali.. She was my form teacher too during f3.. That time she was stil new and kinda always tersesat jalan in our school..So one day (first day i guess) she asked us where is teacher's toilet.. Guess what.. The bad sukying told her our toilet is at canteen der.. She said the koperasi is our toilet.. Of course she doesnt know that that is koperasi.. And she really went there.. XD!

And sukying even membangkit isu sensitif with her and kinda like quarrelled with her.. she asked her why our hospitals most of the nurses are malays and less chinese? and said tidak adil cz malays have more privilages and bla bla bla.. Can u imagine she talked like this to a malay teacher? bad bad ah you suky! hee

Ok thats all.. bak kata pepatah, 一日为师,终生为傅!Tho u taught me for a year nia but stil wana say :Take care and all the best teacher..hihik

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ken u looked hiao and funny XD

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Huana is leaving..T.T

Minghuann the Huana..

Take care of yourself oh..

Thanks for your sdo,

Thanks for being our driver for few months,

Thanks for spending your time with us during holidays,

Thanks for sharing your things and problems with me,


All the best in your studies.. And be careful too! ^^

Got time play sdo with me again ya..

That's all.. Selamat Jalan..T.T

*everyone is leaving..
apu... nak lemu.. hihik*

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just for you ~

Be Happy My friend..
Everything is gonna be ok..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sot friends

Today after president soeharto left our class, i took out my phone just to check my message.. But like what eho said.. they can smell camera from far..
(they) refers to you know who you are ^^ and start to get excited and pose like gila....

照我 !照我!

子玲.... !



ok thats ok with me.. nevermind..BUT la..after that we need to go to computer lab..everyone is busy keeping their bags.. and kenny stil ask me to take his picture..and my table is full of my books..ok lo.. capture lo..

When im done....

Everybody already finish keeping their things and leave the class liao..
ZZZ! Im alone to keep my things and switch off the fan..
But Kenny did wait for me for few minutes la..

Still..So guo fen neh!


But its nothing la.. just write for fun..As remembrance sake ma..hee so that i will remember detik detik kita yang penuh dengan kegembiraan, kemarahan dan kesedihan..agree?hee!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crazy sweet sweet

Oh ya..

Ah tian!!

Dont draw my table and papers pleaseee..

And dont make my papers mian mian pleaseee..

AND! keep your dirty shoes away from me pleaseee...

And!! Dont kaciau me with your hair la.. It makes me no appetite ah!

Thats all ^^ Guai Guai listen ya! heee


Im really surprised...
Of your damn kuan..
Maybe you used to be like that..
Just that i never notice about it nia..

Dont ask me who am i talking about..
If one day u realised that my attitude changes towards you
Then you should accept the fact that
Im actually talking about you..

Im getting tired already..
God.. help me please.. T.T!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What to do? haih

Form 6 is getting sien.. i dont like chemistry.. i dont like PA (but our president soeharto is quite funny) but i still dont like.. i wan to go out with friends.. i wan to online till my butt sit tiok lemon..i wan to watch tv till my eyes like panda..i enjoy the feeling of rampas computer with mami..i wan i wan.. wuwuwu..

During holiday.. my eyes were as big as the earth all the time..very very energetic.. but now..aduh..always feel sleepy and no appetite.. first day of school i already get sick lo.. flu + cough.. used 10+ packets of tissue already.. kolian tian n suky.. they sure very gilik of me.. hihik.. mebe i too long didnt exposed to sunlight and hot wheather.. thats why.. hee

But..whenever im in class..i can feel my friends' kemesraan.. feel so warm to be with them and talk to them.. whenever teachers are not around..friends started to pull their chairs and move or turn to my seat (coz im the midpoint between my frens hihik)..and talk like crazy..O_O I noe f6 students shouldn't behave like this.. but i guess its not the matter of F6..its the matter of us.. i wonder why students from out batch always not serious, we really different when compared to students from last batch..they ARE very serious and hardworking..even my elder sis too! but of cz..students like baozhi,suli and shyh ning and anthony and even perry still very serious la.. the talkative one are ah tian sukying chinchin and kenny and me nia..heee.. we wil look abnormal if we dont talk..wuwuwu we really so kepo meh? aih!

Dear friends.. sometimes we really need to keep our mouths shut.. if not our malay friends sure will complain to teachers d.. see how serious they are.. Busy with their homeworks all the time..But i guess that day will never come d la.. (unless we become mute..) right kenny? (he's pro talker) hahak! so.. sabar and paiseh ya? we will try to control d.. minta maaf!^^

Monday, May 18, 2009

Nah Kenny Momo~

Hehehe.. im wondering.. why kenny wana call himself kenny momo ho? izit because of your kelimomo kenny?hahak jk la..

Kenny and Bi
Kenny ah.. wana tell you something:

1. thanks for sharing Christianity things with me.. appreciate it

2. thanks for walking with me to school and from school everyday.. appreciate it

3. thanks for being my friend..for God's sake.. this is the 7th year already kenny

4. thanks for arguing with me for almost everything.. at least my life wont get bored easily ^^

5. thanks for supporting my dad for these 7 years hiahia

6. tho i wil get angry for what you have done.. but these lil things wont affect our friendship

7. i appreciate you.. the prove is.. i wrote a letter to you and apologize for one incident.. but in fact its not my fault.. just dun wana make things became worse.. hope you still keeping the letter oh! hee

8.Lastly.. Dont forget you owe me:
Dont mungkir janji oh! ^^

Teachers' Day 2009

Im very high and excited today.. because today is teachers' day.. Its an unusual day for us - noob students because today we dont have to study at all.. All we did was talking in class and spending half day in dewan just to enjoy students' performances.. They were indeed quite interesting.. Especially the "cha cha" performance..But all of us only focus on the pro latin dancer nia..the rest were like uhh.. duno.. mon**t? -_-' they followed her steps til soo cham and one of them stil forgot the steps ah.. i mean.. what for you ask a very very pro dancer to dance with 3 not-so-pro dancers le since it wil make them look funny nia.. chek ark nye... hihik but thats the time i get excited cz its farnieee..

Oh ya.. and hip hop performance too.. by pandu puteri..okay let u imagine.. *giggle*
The rest ok ok la.. very interesting.. at least it entertains me..
And the one who drops the 'stick?' during BB performance.. Its ok.. You are doing great too.. hee.. Very cool~

Then we went back to our class and talk lo.. and of coz..take pics too! hee

Tian and karen

Double Chin and Bi

Bi and Perry

Lastly.. me and pek!
Hee can u see my excited face when im taking pics with two shuai ke-s? hihik
of cz.. the most handsome one is not here la... heee =') *tak geli pun*
okie that's all~

Friday, May 15, 2009


Today is 16 of May.. so we have been together for 1 year and 3 months already (honey)..Waoh thats cool~ I wana tell you that:

my eyes get jealous of my heart..
Do you know why?
Its simply because you are always remain close to my heart
and far from my eyes..

Its soo hard for me to see you again
You must take good care of yourself oh!
Dont just gaming whole day..
Drink water
Eat more
and sleep earlier

And i told u keyboard got radiation right?
Play less game
See your finger hurts already..
See....1 word.. PADAN MUKA! =p

And think of me more oh
since you have nothing to do besides gaming
If not your brain really wil berkarat..
Its for your own good..ngehehehe

(Hani)..We really need to bertahan ya?
Seeing many couples break already...
Lingy feels insecure again..
But u asked me not to be influenced by them
So i'll listen to ya ^^

You are no doubt a good good good bf
but of coz..not a perfect one la
But i still like who you are
Just.. dont treat me cold
and bad..
and dun lie to me..
i reli will heatbreak if u did that..
But till now.. you never lie to me right?
Im just an ordinary girl with simple needs
i can feel happy and satisfied easily..
what i want is knowing that you cared for me..
and have the initiative to find me..
thats all~

In short,
I mish ya so badly ( dear)..


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

See the differences lolx

Normal tiger.. cool?

Dont laugh man.. Its down syndrome tiger.. cute~ XD

Friday, May 8, 2009

Miserable :(

Im nt happy today.. Many things happened recently till i cant stop thinking of it.. I reli dont know how to comfort him.. As his buddy.. I really have no idea how to tell him the truth and ask him not to think so much.. In fact.. the truth is.. We really got think of wana ask him out.. But who knows he knew the plan before they have the chance to tell him.. No matter how i explained, he stil felt disappointed.. I know.. being left out is cruel.. But since you are so nice to everyone.. You ever wondered why on earth got people wana leave you out? No right? Its you who thinks too much.. I really duno how to tell you how much i hate to see you like this.. I believe now you sure feel very disappointed.. I really can imagine how u feel now.. But.. things is not like wad u have heard and seen.. its the other way round.. Dont be so negative ok? I really feel like wana scold you but scolding you is like adding salts on your wound.. making you feel even more painful and hurt.. But if i didn't scold you.. can you wake yourself up and try to understand what im trying to tell u?


Monday, May 4, 2009

Good luck~

Im gonna have my driving test next week.. T.T Isnt it too fast for me? Without teacher.. feels insecure man.. I still remember how my teacher scolded me, bang the window and said im rubbish, no sense of direction, not independent and bla bla bla few weeks ago.. now.. he finally praised me and said im strong already, can be a good driver already..* touched~*

I wana pass.. To show him im reli not that bad.. And i dun wana disappoint him.. But stil lack of confidence le.. So, Wish bi luck oh~

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sad Day~

My sis left us few hours ago.. back to KL to study.. haih so sad.. tho she came back for many many times already but i just cant stop my tears from rolling down my cheeks every time she says goodbye to us.. Actually its quite embarrassing for me to cry in front of crowds because maklumlah.. my face looks quite scary when im crying XD.. and iv grown up already.. PLUS.. my younger sis isn't crying at you see.. malu or not? hee

We are very close to each other since baby.. hihik!

Anyway my house is very quiet now.. Without her.. feels a bit lonely tho i have younger sis.. Cant imagine what will my younger sis's life turn up to if im leaving too.. Lagi cant imagine what my parents' life will be without three of us.. awwww.. Sad..

Happy family~