Saturday, November 20, 2010

Our first self-cooked meal ^^

Papa mama, check this out! :p

This is the first meal that we cooked by ourselves officially.. actually we cooked by ourselves 2 days ago but we bought rice from kopitiam, and we ate canned food.. all we have to do was to heat up the food only.. and we cooked jagung soup too..canned sweet corn, with the help of bannu..So, we dont really consider that as our first self-cooked meal..

TODAY! we cooked rice by ourselves.. because only me and my friend in our unit so we did this without asking help from anyone.. hee.. washing the beras itself was a big challenge for me.. although i know this seems easy for me, but i still dont have the confidence yet.. :( and we also have huge trouble in figuring how much beras should we cook.. and how much water to cook the beras.. my friend suddenly came back so she taught us the technique to measure how much water should we put inside.. hee..

but but, can you see our master piece? as soft as mama your rice ah! :) looks nice, taste nice! :)

chiang chiang! this is our spinach soup, with 6 meatballs inside.. i fried garlic and anchovies first, then we threw the meatballs inside boiled water.. when the meatballs float up one by one, we threw the spinach in and followed by garlic and anchovies..

When my friend saw me eating anchovies and garlic in the soup, she told me she dont eat garlic in her mama's soup..and i answered her:

Usually I wont touch garlic and anchovies in the soup that my mama cooked.. but now im eating single thing inside, not because they taste nice; because i appreciate every single thing that i cooked..

-Quoted by bernadine- ^^
heehee.. :p

While waiting for the soup to be cooked, i, BERNADINE! use my own hands, to fry eggs! hee

But i dunno why.. my egg appeared to be soo much smaller than the egg that i fried for my friend.. hehe.. and i was having difficulty to turn over the egg.. i need more skill in that! :) but my friend praised me for the egg! hee.. how sweet and warm... :p

TADAAA! we finished everything! :)

Before and after.. :) erm 2 hours later i take picture of one more " final-after " pic la.. take pic of my chocolate cake.. hiak hiak! thats all~ :))