Sunday, March 18, 2012


He is in higher sem of engineering;
While Im in my final sem and going to work in few months time.
Maybe we are old enough to just do our own thing,
To just stop chatting and messaging whole day,
And maybe its time for me to stop behaving like a kid;
Who always wanted attention and love.

If this is true love, we dont have to chat whole day to remind ourselves that we love each other, i know this is the truth but i just dont know how to deal with it. When he told me he is busy and cant spend time with me,(many many days) i chose to be grumpy instead of being understanding. I felt guilty and bad all the time for behaving like that.. i know i shouldnt but what else can i do? i dont know how.. If we want to change someone else, its better to change ourselves first. God, lead me.. show me the way and tell me what should i do. Change me into a more understanding person, a more open minded and matured person oh Lord. sigh =(