Wednesday, October 7, 2009

after a long long time... ^^

Its me again!hee..
I went to church with my sis on last sunday and she actually prayed for me that i will control myself from sitting in front of my lappy too long and neglected my studies.. she told God i bought p1 wimax eh.. cool~ hee dont worry i will control myself exam is coming soon.. my final exam.. aih time flies.. in just a nick of time summative exam is near and i haven't started my revision yet.. let me see.. gosh 25 more days to go.. aarh~

oh well i went to indah water, which is a sewerage company.. a company for sewerage treatment.. the weather was sooooooo damn hot ah... T.T we keep on sweating like hell and need to smell bau tahi and bau longkang again.. but its more to bau longkang la.. i cant really smell tahi.. XD

The funny thing is.. many villagers menceroboh that place and treat it as recreation centre.. the penasihat showed us many pics and they really brought many things for picnic at that place.. zzz not smelly kah?? just because there's a big pond there doesnt mean its recreation centre la... waliu..inside the pond is full of shit man... some even went there for fishing.. and kids gather there to find cacing..@_@ and play around.. but unfortunately.. there are a lot of cases where they fell into the pond and died.. because the sludge just like quicksand and pull them inside.. He said when they fell down into the pond, they will start to shout TAHI TAHI!! then start to dance shuffle inside and he really danced in front of us..
*p/s he is quite old...* heehee i really laugh till very long ah! soo funny kia..hihik! it was quite fun when compared to sitting in class whole day la..At least we have the chance to visit and expose to HUGE amount of shit ma.. XD i enjoyed it..^^

We start to study Malaysian studies or PA lo.. T.T sooooo boring ah.. but the good thing is.. out tutor always ask us to read by ourselves.. so i dont have to listen to him to read and read and read.... zzz he just tell us the stories and one is listening...i just look at those who sleeps in class..and laugh with my friend.. hihik.. their sleeping patterns all same ah.. the heads slowly become lower and lower and lower.. then when the head really *doom* drop down.. they will start to look around and pretending that they are stil conscious.. lolx so naughty..

you may be wondering why am i not sleeping..its simply because i drink coffee everyday... T.T i dont wana get addicted! but i just cant help it.. if i didnt drink coffee.. the whole day i will be sleeping in class man.. especially during psychology.. HELP ME!plus tutor always like to ask me questions.. always benadryl benadryl.. owh i wana langgar dinding liao.. =X stress.. =(

today is tuesday and i cant wait to go to church with my sis again.. its soo good to see her there.. but i dunno why.. everytime when they asked us to pray for each other.. i will cry when i pray for my sis.. i can smile and laugh for the first minute.. then second minute i was crying already..i guess the holy spirit is all around us that makes me so emo eh.. hihik.. but honestly.. who wouldn't cry oh if her sis is leaving to america soon? whenever i prayed for her that she will take good care of herself and stay connected to everyone of us when she is in america.. my tears will start to drop already..who can accompany me to go to church by that time? who will talk to me and give me many many things when we meet? who will laugh with me and sing with me in church that time? =X i know the rest can do those things.. but i just feel comfortable only when im with her in the church.. haih..

i really gonna miss you ah ying.. tho i may seemed cold to u and always him u.. but i really was playing with u nia la.. i really feel glad to see u every week.. you are the only closest one with me in kl..hell no i will hate u la... haih.. =X

okie done.. i've vomited out everything liao.. hihik! comfortable.. will write more next time..goodnight!