Saturday, July 30, 2011

Long Distance Relationship

High school sweethearts pursuing college degrees in separate and distant universities, lovers who ran into each other online and awaiting for the day they meet each other physically..
These are the typical examples of long distance relationship.

I have a boyfriend, we've been together for 3 years. Now that Im in KL and he is in Kuching, I've got no choice but to deal with being miles apart from him :c It is very depressing I can say, especially when I see couples everywhere, when I am sad and when I have something very happy to share. But this will not stop me from loving him.. :)

They said distance makes the heart grow fonder.. For me, i just think of it as a challenge. You see, couples who got the advantage of meeting up with one another frequently somewhat fail to count their blessings after some time. But for long distance relationship, you have every reason to defy distance, to keep the connection alive, and to look forward to seeing each other like it’s the most important thing in the world!

If you want to keep the relationship, then no one or nothing should persuade you to do otherwise – not your family and friends, and most especially not the distance.
Distance should not be the basis to end a relationship. Distance should be considered as a test to make the bond stronger. Test will eventually become testimony if you can withstand peer pressure, temptations, and even lust! ;)

Go on. Maintain the long distance relationship. Prove everybody wrong.