Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Revenge To You Ah Tien.. XD

I knew her since primary 4.. My first impression towards her was.. uh~ why her voice so like that one? Make me always wana " akhem" ( clear my throat) hihik! And she's damn naughty during primary 4 zzz.. always kaciau people..Even now shes still like that.. Suddenly shout at people's ear.. But very very funny ah their reactions..
1. Jump up!
2. Look at ah tian
3. WOI!!!! Shen jing puo! ( gila )
4. Rub their ears..
hee.. Overall she's a very funny girl.. But she can be very serious oh! I ever saw her cried because her friend kaciau her.. If you wana know who is that fellow.. (Its you andrew chai.. lol ) This happened when both of them quarreled.. This is the third time i saw ah tian cried.. haih kesian.. But she smiled again 5 minutes later because yong siang sang the korean seh kia song for her.. And we be action king & queen and make her smile lo.. For your information.. according to yong siang, that song is the song from a korean drama," Full House " and sang by Rain.. uh i see... So if you see ah tien cries.. sing that song for her because she never failed to smile when she listened that.. hee!

And ah tien got alot of peminat oh.. Many boys chased her before so dont play play.. shes womanizer.. ahh~ Oh ya i forgot to say this.. ah tian is a pretty girl too.. Tho she always complains herself, but ah tian, u really pretty la.. Dont always hiam.. You know what is charisma? Yeah~ You got that.. Thats why many people wana chase you ma..

And she also can adopt with new surrounding easily.. She dares to talk to strangers, dares to make friends first and can create interesting topics.. She can eventually talk to my mum til my mum doesnt know my existence oh zz.. Yeah both of them always gossip about me..Bad bad =X I really cant do that so im quite admire and envy about her.. Wish i can be like that also.. Coz i really have nothing to talk to the one i dont know well =X

Oh ya! shes copy queen! she always dont wana do her homework and she wil copy from sebastian them early in the morning.. So all her works are quite perfect.. Teacher ah.. You are cheated by her liao la..hihik.. But at last she also scored very very good results in spm.. congrats ah tian.. You reli have done a good job^^

Ah tian can get very high easily.. Laugh til pespire man.. Soo funny! hee.. When she was laughing over "nothing" we were like.. what the.. hihik! But most of the time she did laughed on something la.. Such as my skirt ah tian zzz.. Thank God u saw it first if not i can commit suicide liao.. hee! Really fun to be with her.. No pressure, Not awkward even if we dont talk and I can talk about anything wid her.. hee.. Fun^^

Oh she is available now.. For some reason.. So if you are interested in her.. Please go for her hiahia.. Advertising her.. She is a sweet girl, nice girl, matured girl and she would like her future bf to care for her all the time.. Who wouldnt want it anyway lolx.. So if you think you are handsome, clever, matured and caring enough.. What are you waiting for.. Chase her now! heehee..

Uh this is tough ah tian.. I reli duno what to write about you coz your "kuan" almost the same as mine.. Thats why we can be really good friend right? Pro you can write so much about me.. hihik.. My feeling towards you (im not les) is more than words so i dont have to write so much la.. You know i really treat you as my buddy jiu ok liao.. hee

Thats all ah tian.. Ohya her name is ah tiEn but i like to use tiAn more coz i get used to it already.. She said ah tiAn is biasa and she doesnt like me to use that.. But sorry la hee.. I wan! So the rest of you remember oh.. She's Tien.. hee

Til here then.. Bye and all the best to you also ah tian.. Glad because can spend two years with you again.. Friends Forever!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Its my buddy again! XD

This pretty and cute girl is Wendy lo.. hee.. Wendy is my friend since primary 4.. I transferred to sjk stampin since primary 4 and when i saw wendy i was like woah she's soo pretty! hee.. Wendy ah.. Must take care and dun always stay up late oh!Later become panda ah hihik..Manage your time well and all the best in ur future undertakings.. If u become a successful interior designer.. Dun forget me oh XD.. May God Bless You!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My buddies!

Okay im 'menuruting' kehendak kawan saya untuk write about this.. To show my loves towards them.. Yeah im willing to do that as i LOVE to write essay..hihik

The two pretty girls in this pic are sukying and double chin.. For sure everyone including the blind one knows that sukying is my very best friend since form1.. * before form1 me n sukying were totally invisible towards each other.. no interaction at all in primary school* too bad~ Suk ying is my very matured friend.. Sometimes her seriousness wil make me go crazy because she will scold me whenever i did something wrong.. But the way she talks and insults people lagi make me go crazy.. She's just soooo funny! hehe.. Her sarcastic look + serious tone = funny joke.. hihik! And she's VERY generous too.. whenever she comes to my house to do homework or what.. She will angkat plastics of vegetables to my house.. Not only 1 or 2 plastic bags oh! its 3 or even 4 ah.. And the most important thing is she often walks from tabuan jaya market to my house.. See how ikhlas n tough she is.. Dats my friend lo! XD

Next wil be Nemo and Yong siang.. Both of them are the one who asked me to write this punya.. I dun know wana write nemo or yong siang first le.. scared they wil beh song.. Okay.. nemo, i know u r the matured type also.. you wont mind if i write yong siang first la ho? XD

Neh this is my handsome friend yong siang lo.. He is my closest guy friend because i can talk to him soo naturally without feeling awkward at all.. He wil sing the cute korean baby song to make me happy too if im not happy..XD Yeah memang tak dapat dinafikan bahawa he can sing reli reli reli well.. Pro till even if he's out of tone liao but u stil didnt realize it.. And he always give comments on me.. like my hair la my face la the way i dress myself la and many more.. *sien*
hihik.. Now he's gone.. To kedah.. Its like cuaca mendung bagi cuaca saya yang selama ini sangat cerah because he's my very very close friend and whenever im sad i surely wil think about him.. think the way he acts cute the way he sings and many more.. TT Im gonna miss you yong siang.. Friendly punya miss la dun misunderstand and dun get excited lol.. Dats all~

Hee this is ming how a.k.a nemo.. Nemo is my very very very good buddy neh! I wil share my problems with him all the time..He's just like my bro.. Never ngiao ji to share happiness with people..He may be rude towards teacher sometimes.. but that's the real nemo ma.. better then in front treat ppl good good, at the back nge nge gossip people.. Reli hate this kinda people..zzZ Dont see his eyes sepet sepet like very fierce and cool.. Actually he's reli a nice guy.. Very responsible and he's like sukying type oso.. sarcastic type.. hihik! waliu the way he insults ppl reli make u go zzz ah.. say someone's hair like kena bitten by dog.. zzZ mebe we should say nemo is creative type lo.. dat oso can think of..And his taste very high oso.. His things all branded branded n nice nice wan.. mebe we should also call him typical materialistic and individualistic teenager..XD Oh ya! Nemo's hobby is pinch people..Thats the way he greets people.. But when people pinches him, his hands wil oh cheh in 10 secs.. Try it if u dont believe XD And Nemo always worried that all of us wil be far apart one day and sooner or later become stranger ki.. Dont worry nemo..Have faith on us ma.. We wil be 'Finding Nemo' d if u leave us one day.. hihik.. Anyway he is studying liao so wish u all the best oh nemo.. Jia You^^

Thats all.. Three of them are my buddies.. The rest of you.. i write later ya.. promise^^


My Buddies!

Hi.. Hee well i create this because i got loads of things to share with my friends so that we wont lost contact as well as to let them know wads happening to me! hee.. Anyway the one who encourages me 2 create blog is miss doris yii tiEn tiEn because..hihik
i can give comments easily ma.. Shes with me right now, teaching n giving ideas on wad to write in my blog because no inspiration man.. TT k then.. everyone have fun! =D

* sorry Andrew Chai if u realized ur gone from the pic.. I also duno why..You are one of my buddies for sure.. no worries!