Wednesday, May 25, 2011


woah my blog is cute now! :p But the problem that im facing now is not cute at all.. :(

1. Tutor confirmed our annual leave
2. Dont really trust her but since there's promotion, my mum just book "for fun?" although we dont trust them!
3. I've booked my air ticket back to Kuching on 10th June.
4. May - Tutor came in and informed us that annual leave subject to change
5. Dont really care because i always think that my college like to kaciau us with these kind of craps. -.- from sem 1 til sem 3, always tell the same thing only
6. 20th of May - Came in and asked us not to book first, because principal really intended to change our annual leave, i start to get worried :c
7. Look for tutor and principal, wanted to discuss with them but principal scolded us :
" You guys only care about annual leave, what so important about annual leave? It's not like u cannot go back! Always want to go home only, just look at your unit! It's so messy! You better spend your time to clean your unit, rather than stand here and wait for people to confirm your annual leave "

See how cool is my principal :) She can find a good reason to chase us away :) We looked at each other and turned to her, with =.= and angry face.. I mean, what's her problem?! we are talking about this matter, why suddenly ask us to clean or unit? zzz she kept scolding us and said JANGAN JELING JELING! BALIK RUMAH DAN TIDY UP YOUR UNIT PLEASE! #$!@!!#$%%$ bla bla blaa a lot.. without waiting for her to finish her never ending speech, we just walked away..

About our unit, not only our unit.. Every unit is very messy.. She received feedback from our warden and she got soo angry so she scolded us together with our AL matter.. And about "You guys only care about annual leave, what so important about annual leave? It's not like u cannot go back!" .... man she totally made me feel like punching her face! other students from west malaysia of course can go back, but what about us? we just can go back once in every 6 months.. what we wanted was confirmation of our annual leave and we dont want her to change the date because our tickets will be burnt if the date is changed. Is that too over? Thats the most precious one week we have with our family.. Imagine i only get to see them once every 6 months, twice per year.. and we have to work here for 5 years.. so how many times can i actually see them in 8 years? 16 times. 16 x 7 days = 112.. cool~ i only can spend 112 days with my family in these 8 years.. 8 years later, i guess both my parents already 50+ 60+..the happy moments together will just fade like that.. if anything happen to them, how much time can i actually spend with them?

They just dont understand :c