Sunday, August 8, 2010

popo :(

This august is soo chaotic.. my beloved popo is seriously ill and she is in hospital right now.. All my relatives visited her already but not me.. I dont know whats wrong with my aunty and uncle.. They said just because popo yet to see me so she doesnt wana leave yet.. BULLSHIT! if after seeing me will let her leave this world, then i rather dun wana let her see me.. i want her to live longer.. and i have faith that she will get better.. God is with her.. she has been a good christian all these while.. there is no way God will let her suffer.. sigh*

They even bought the clothes and big house that people used to burn for the dead person.. =.=!!! Do u have to prepare all these right now??? u just make me feel that u cant wait for her to leave.. sorry to say that but i really hate it! They urged me to go back to kuching tomorrow.. if everything goes smoothly then i can see her 2mr.. i hope by seeing me her condition will turn better.. not like what they said.. can leave this world without feeling reluctant..

This is a picture of my popo.. i asked aying to take a pic of her to let me see.. Tubes all over her body.. tears cant stop flowing down when i see this.. :(

She called me at 1st of august and told me she is perfectly fine when i asked her how is she.. she asked me to drink more water, eat healthy food and must take care.. but now.. she cant even open her mouth and talk.. i really cant take this.. oh lord... :'(

Must get well soon, popo..

I swear that my popo is one of the most important person in my life.. I know everyone will leave, and maybe by leaving this world will make her feel better, but i pray to God to reduce her pain and let miracle happen to her.. i pray for my grandma because the Lord's word says i should pray for her healing.. I believe God hears my earnest prayer from my heart and i have faith in God to heal her..

Lord, i dont always understand Your ways, and why my grandmother has to suffer.. but i trust you,..I ask that You look with mercy and grace towards my grandmother.. Nourish her spirit and soul in time of suffering and comfort her with your presence.. Let her knows that You are there with her through this difficulties..

I know you will get better, popo.. Hang in there! dont worry k? even if you leave, you also will be going to heaven and meet gong gong... after a while we will meet again up there.. thats the real and eternal reunion..