Sunday, September 26, 2010


NOOOOOOOOOOO! In my previous post i mentioned that my video is successfully submitted dy.. CCRAPS! Tutor said very good very good.. But after our CEO viewed our video, she said we cannot put the Pantai College logo in the video.. we are not promoting our college now.. damn.. why dont u tell earlier??? :( Ok if its because of the logo only.. we still can think of a way to delete the slide.. but now the problem is, they still asked me to give the disc to my english tutor.. ask her to check.. WAH.. =.= she just check and change check and change.. i asked her dont change so much la.. If she change the script,we have to practice all over again man .. she said: Oh my~~ i didnt knew that! -.- ZHI DAO JIU HAO LA! but she still changed a lot so we have to redo and memorize the script again..

We always forget the script and tutor only give us 1 hour to practice and record on the next day.. The 1st time, chaotic.. second time, ok but need more practice.. 3rd time, smooth but when we say thank you and waiting for the conductor to conduct, my tutor suddenly say 'thank you' and smile.. hoi!!! what so funny! we were still recording man...she thought we finished recording dy.. half dead -.- then the 4th time ok la..not so smooth but bopien, must use this one because we dont have time to record anymore.. but i really cant smile at all..the previous one i still can smile nicely ah.. this one my face was like going to kill ppl nia.. zzz.. so friends.. sorry ya for the damn poor video.. memalukan its tooo last minute and we've tried our very best.. and i was wrong about my college la.. they dont want to promote our college.. my tutor said this is world wide video.. to create awareness about breast cancer.. i was thinking.. 才怪啦我的 video can create awareness.. hehe

Sunday, September 19, 2010




Saturday, September 18, 2010

Disaster choral speaking


I have nothing to do now.. just wana write something to spend my hot and boring afternoon.. fuh~

Recently nothing happened to me.. just done with our breast cancer awareness choral speaking.. I got to know that the reason for me to be chosen as assistant group leader is because i was absent for the meeting that day.. No one on the spot wants to be group leader so they came out with this idea: " Eh! choose those who dont come for meeting lo??? " damn! i didnt attend the meeting because i went back to kuching.. that was my emergency leave man.. fine..

Then me and my leader went to meet our tutor in charge for this activity.. But tutor said: " Bernadine, i want u to be the leader! " craps! i am a poor leader.. i was a group leader, lead 10 members.. and house leader.. lead 7 housemates.. My members said they love me as a group leader because :

1. i conduct few meetings as compared to the rest of the group leaders
2. even if i conduct group meeting, our meeting wont exceed 15 mins
3. i always choose to do things by myself..
not because im hardworking.. because i dont like to see people's facial expression when i give them things to do.. AND IM LAZY TO LISTEN TO THEIR EXPLANATION FOR NOT DOING THEIR JOB WELL..

4. i will try my best not to make my group members get into troubles
eg: I lied to my tutor that i forgot to bring pendrive on the day of our presentation.. the pendrive is in my bag.. just that my group members were not ready to present at all.. so.. thanks to me :) tutor nagged me like hell and i saved their lives!

Forget about the leader leader issue.. my breast cancer awareness choral speaking is really a disaster.. that is a competition among the classes in my college i guess?? First price rm500.. *blink* we have to record it, then burn in disc, then upload in you tube..the thing is.. we never took it seriously.. 2 meetings were conducted and we practiced twice only.. when tutor asked me about it, i said.. yea we are doing it well.. we are practicing and bla bla bla..

When the due date is coming, tutor started to ask about our progression and she wanted to see our video.. we just use digital camera to record in class and show her.. of cz.. we didnt memorize the script.. i wrote everything in mahjong paper and put in front.. and they just have to look in front and read.. :p But things turned up to be very sucks.. tutor nagged me like hell again when we showed her the video.. she blamed us because the voice was not clear.. and our actions were not natural.. and many more.. i fought back and said: "Thats the camera's problem! not our voices' problem.." then she said: "is that my problem?? since its camera's problem, then solve it! " then she walked away.

She made me feel very down.. We are students.. how can we afford to have a video cam?? or record in studio?? or she wants radio station?? zz then i started to be serious.. i asked them to practice and practice.. Praise the Lord, my friend said she has a video cam at her house.. i asked her can she go back and take? she said she needs to ask her mother.. Thank God again.. her sporting mother drove all the way from cheras to here just to send the video cam here.. We practiced once again in the class on the next morning.. then record..

We sent the video for tutor to see again.. she said she wants to see the script.. Then she did hell lots of corrections.. asked us to add this add that.. wth! We sent her the script earlier on and she didnt even say anything.. now she wana do sooo many changes.. i was very angry.. but i still change the script.. the problem was.. what will my members think when i tell them we have to practice all over again? =( I wrote everything again and show her.. she said very good.. and asked me to show another tutor.. and another tutor..and another tutor... i showed 4 tutors and changes were made according to their wishes.. We even made a banner for this activity.. until late night..

The next morning, when we were practicing, our tutor saw our banner and she just threw out words that hurt me to the max: " i thought u all are very creative.. is this the only thing u can do?? u all just make my disappointment and expectation down down down to zero.." wei... we just have 1 night to make it okay? i spent my time to colour.. friends spent their time to decorate and the others spent their time to cut.. tho it looks simple but at least thats our hard work ba.. i just stare at her and dun want to layan her anymore..

We practiced in the class again after she went out.. She came in again when we wanted to record.. we just do normally and tried our very best to show her we can do it.. and we practiced till we can memorize the script already so we didnt refer at all.. she clapped her hands and said WELL DONE when we are done.. i was sooo happy!! :) She asked us to show our video to the other tutors.. Then the other tutors still complained about our voice.. They said our voice not clear at all.. so they let us use the hall to record.. ok lo.. record again lo...

In the hall, the last row students stood on chairs and their complain was: Its not nice for them to see the chairs.. Chairs are for people to sit, not stand.. You cant show people things like this in you tube right?? try to record again.. FINE!

Record again..their complain was.. You must have some skills in recording! when one person is speaking, try to zoom her face! make it more interesting! Record again and again and again~ My friends stayed up until 2 just to insert subtitles in it.. they just say change change change without even considering our feelings.. yea i know we must not show such low quality video in you tube.. but we tried our best liao ma.. =( after all the challenges we faced.. finally we have submitted our video successfully.. Now my big question is.. WHY YOU WANT US TO UPLOAD IN YOU TUBE?? CANT U JUST ORGANIZE ONE AND LET US COMPETE IN COLLEGE?? Trying to promote our college? or really about breast cancer awareness.. sigh tired... :( If u happened to watch our video in you tube, dont laugh at me ya! XD Tho lots of changes were made but we still did it erm... badly? i mean not so goodly? or funnily?? XD
Anyway.. trust me.. no matter how bad iT iS.. im still proud to say thats our best master piece ever.. :)