Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beware of night shifts in hospital..

Ready for more ghost stories??

This incident happened few weeks ago in labour ward..Actually the previous labour ward was in 3rd floor but due to renovation, labour ward has moved to 4th floor so of course, 3rd floor was dark and isolated and u know what will happen inside right? so here it goes.. Now 3rd floor is ready to be used and i was posted there few weeks ago..Things ran quite smoothly when i was working there until i was told by a ward aid that this ward is haunted.. she said there was one patient (patient A) who stayed in a double bedded room..At night the patient beside her bed kept talking to her.. I think its because each of their beds are screened so they cant see each other, only can hear their that patient on the other bed talk talk and talk until something strikes patient A's mind.. isn't that bed empty?? At that very moment, a staff nurse went in her room so she asked staff nurse that beside her got patient or not.. staff nurse said, nope.. that patient has been discharged already so there's no patient there... *tang tang...*

Another short story in this ward.. One day, we were warned by ward sister not to take off our nursing cap when we are working.. simply because those things will take our cap and wear it.. and help us to do our jobs... We knew this from patients as they claimed that someone with white clothes already helped them to do this do that already when we wana perform any procedures on them.. white clothes, but without nursing cap.. thats the only difference between those "helpers" and students.. so, beware~

Ok this happened to my friend.. She was allocated alone as a student in a ward during night shift.. she was ok and quite energetic on first few days but on the third day, she started to feel very very sleepy during midnight so she decided to rest for a while in pantry, alone..She just slept with her head on the table like how we sleep in class, and with lights on.. When she was about to fall asleep, she heard a very loud and clear and keji female laughter beside her ear.. She was very shocked and wanted to lift up her head but she couldnt move at all..she cant even lift up her head.. she opened her eyes and guess what? she saw a small hand, moving nearer and nearer towards her body and trying to pull her name tag off..and that small kid was laughing all the way.. she was very very scared but she cant move at all.. Suddenly she remembered that there's a buddhist azimat in her name tag and she tried to reach it but she just cant.. so she said a simple buddhist prayer.. amazingly, everything went disappear and she can finally moves.. scary huh?? ~.~

Last one! Another friend was posted alone in a ward during night shift too.. Usually at night, the staff nurses will do night round to ensure that all the patients are ok and comfortable ma so this staff nurse in this ward went to do round by herself.. she just opened the 4 bedded room door and looked inside only, without going inside because that bed is just in front of the counter.. She saw one lady, with white clothes/ uniform, standing in front of the patient's table and looking at her, as though she is doing some procedure or checking on the patient.. she thought that this lady is my friend,(a student nurse)because she is wearing white uniform.. but after checking, she walked to the counter and screamed loudly when she saw my friend sitting on the counter and talking to another ward aid.. so the "student" inside the patient's room is a..??? ~.~

All of these stories are real.. But just bear in mind that if u dont do anything wrong, there is no way that they will harm u.. keep praying if u ever encounter this type of problem.. You will never know how strong and helpful is your prayer in dealing with this trouble.. :D sekian, terima kasih!