Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Emo midnight post

I drank a cup of coffee at 10pm, just to make sure that i can stay up late to finish my drama, how silly right? But that's life, i mean, its hard to get a day off and u know the fact that you can sleep till u wake up naturally without being nudged by friend to wake you up or without being woken up by your alarm. I feel really good now :)

In the previous post i talked about that ah kong right? The bad news is ah kong has passed away today, in a positive way, ah kong has left the pain, suffers, and worries on earth and returned home to meet Jesus already. I bet his relatives are very tired too.. Ah kong is not alone, he suffered physically while the relatives suffered mentally.. Its hard to see your beloved one laying on the bed and gasping for air, and seeing his condition deteriorating from days to days.. Honestly although its hard, but i would rather choose to let them leave the earth and return home in heaven earlier, its better for the both patient and relatives.

Although i love my grandma very very much, but i felt quite relieved and peaceful when i heard that she has passed away. Its hurt to think of her condition and imagining the pain that she suffered, fighting with the cancerous cells, stiff body, bed sore, dry mouth, seeing relatives cried because of her, bet popo felt very very sad too.. I still remember ahui once told me popo told her that she will be going to heaven very soon when she was very alert and conscious, before she was admitted to hospital. Whenever i think of this i never failed to cry. Popo loved us so so much.

My last holiday i went to Kuching's methodist church, it brought back soo many memories with popo..i used to go to that church with popo and my aunty since i was very young, but due to exams and endless tuition, and also we moved out from popo's house,we backslid and decided not to go to church anymore. We will only go occasionally such as christmas. -.- While singing song in church, popo's face suddenly came across my mind and tears started to flow down again. I remember how she carried her bottle and waited for us to get in the car.

Im very sad now. REALLY REALLY SAD.. I MISS POPO NOW.... :c

Im supposed to write a random post, about the ah kong but memories somehow brought me back to the days when i was with popo.. emo night, after watching the tearful korean drama, here i am again, facing the laptop with my tears again..

Its hard not to cry, when we say goodbye. Popo, bet you are in heaven already, please please, please drop by my dream and talk to me because im am missing you so dearly. Watch me from heaven ba, i love u and will always love you.

From your bibi :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Brand new experience :)

Since i have no one to talk to, let me just share it here la ;)

Im currently posted in the most most mOST happening ward in Pantai Bangsar Hospital, which is ward D2. If im not mistaken this is an orthopedic ward so you can find lots of fracture cases where patients cant move at all, so its our job to maintain their skin integrity so that sores will not occur.

I have this old patient with 92 years of life experience, he is warded due to malnutrition. At first when i look at him, he looks so (sorry to say) scary. Very thin, has an nasogastric tube, i can only see his sclera and his mouth is constantly open to gasp for air (i think). So there's this day, I was instructed by staff nurse to change his pampers, that was my first contact with him. I tried to move his legs because i need to take the soiled pampers out but his body is too stiff, and he shouted "aaaAAH" when i moved his body. I got scared! (as in omg did i hurt u??) but i was with staff nurse that time so ok la, not too bad =x

Since i am quite a senior in that ward ;p, staff nurses will call me to do every single thing, from big to small, clean to dirty because they believe that i can handle the responsibility now and do everything alone without help. So... They started to ask me to change ah kong's position, change his pampers and feed him through the tube, without giving me the chance to find a partner to help me. (I MUST SAY THIS: In a busy ward they will just throw tons of instructions to you, your answer must be yes, not but! "but staff nurse, i dont have partner to help me" << try to say this, and you're dead. =x they will not accept any excuses or craps) At first it was kinda hard for me, very hard actually, i tried to find my junior to help me but geez! where on earth is everyone? no choice, had to do all by myself.I went into his room, pulled the curtain, make sure no one sees me so that i can figure out what to do with him inside ;p i stood there looking at him, really dont know how should i start. :c To cut the story short, i managed to change his position and pampers and feed him successfully but of course, he was in pain, and begged me to stop moving him. sigh failed =x

That night, i prayed to God to give me strength and wisdom to help him, i also prayed to God to reduce his pain and make him feel better. Its sad for me to see him suffer like that, he reminds me of my grandma :C The next day, like usual, im supposed to change his position and pampers and feed him every 3 hourly in 1 shift, so i will be seeing him almost all the time in that ward. I kept saying sorry whenever i hurt him, talked to him although he is not so responsive, and hold his hand when he is in pain. I felt like im treating him like my own grandpa already. Yesterday i was in evening shift so when i reached the hospital, i visited him. He became so weak. He will shook his head to ask me to stop instead of voicing out his pain because he's too weak to shout. At night,I was supposed to feed him at 9pm but my bus will pick us at 9pm, i really dont know what to do. I asked staff nurse, she said, kalau tak buat, siapa boleh tolong saya? with kesian face.. aiti act kesian with me..then i say ok la saya buat la, so i did it very very quickly, like i didnt even talk to him, i just quietly do and finish everything in 5 minutes. (my bus will leave me if im late!) I felt very bad in the bus, i dont know why. I felt that im not sincere at all.. I went home and prayed again, this time i prayed for his healing and asked God to take away his pain.

Today, ah kong seemed responsive, he started to nod his head when i talked to him, i tried to ask for his permission to do the routine procedure on him, surprisingly he nodded his head! :D i was very happy that time! :)) His mouth and teeth is full with blood stain so staff nurse asked me to perform mouth care for him, so.. i need to clean his teeth! ;D i felt like im taking care of a baby eh, feed, change pampers, and now.. clean teeth! i've learnt that in sem 1 but surprisingly this is my 1st time doing this procedure. I prepared everything, covered spatula with gauze and used that to clean his teeth, together with a solution. I told ah kong i need to clean his teeth and asked him dont be afraid because this is not hurt at all, i suppose? Clean clean clean and i started to think that the spatula is too big for his mouth, so i used my hand instead to clean the unreachable part. I naughtily said, uncle dont bite my hand oh! and he opened his eyes and look at me. @.@ terkejut :p I dont know where is the blood in his mouth from so i dont really dare to clean every part thoroughly, so the last part, i asked him to open his mouth and show his tongue because i need to clean his tongue. SURPRISINGLY! he followed my order! i said that just for fun and just to inform him i am going to clean his tongue only, never did i expect that he will listen and follow my instruction. awwww~ When i was cleaning he always open his small eyes and look at me. So sweet kan? :D

I still have 3 days in that ward, i really hope that i have the chance to see ah kong being discharged from hospital. 92 years old is not easy, hang in there ah kong! Get well soon! ;)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


If you have time, try to read back the first few posts in your blog. They really can remind you of all those happy, sad, angry, frustrated and crazy memories.

Everyone can read my blog so i cant post whatever that is in my mind now. I really wish I can have a private blog, and blast everything there, without anyone knowing..

What's wrong with me? I'm just missing the old me.. The happy, carefree, easy to forgive and forget and friendly me. Guess I've grown up to realize that I don't live in fantasy already. Sometimes I'm afraid to be too happy, because you know that sadness is waving and waiting for you at the end of the day.

All I can do now is to pray to God, because He is the only faithful person in this entire universe. If my earthly daddy is sooooooooooooooooooo good, what more about my heavenly daddy? He will not leave me nor forsake me. I know that :)

To you my friend, don't hesitate to make me feel sad.. Just go ahead, because i have someone to cry on and depends on right now, He is none other than Jesus :) so do whatever you like, im not gonna stop you anymore :)

Monday, August 8, 2011


有时,你期望越高,失望越重,爬得越高,跌得就越痛。。 我们做人最好是什么都不要期望。。 该来的就来,该走就走。。 不是你的,不管怎样你都不会得到,是你的,不管你要怎样逃避都逃不了。。

心冷了,心也灰了, 怎么办呢?在这样下去,还是办法吗?

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Long Distance Relationship

High school sweethearts pursuing college degrees in separate and distant universities, lovers who ran into each other online and awaiting for the day they meet each other physically..
These are the typical examples of long distance relationship.

I have a boyfriend, we've been together for 3 years. Now that Im in KL and he is in Kuching, I've got no choice but to deal with being miles apart from him :c It is very depressing I can say, especially when I see couples everywhere, when I am sad and when I have something very happy to share. But this will not stop me from loving him.. :)

They said distance makes the heart grow fonder.. For me, i just think of it as a challenge. You see, couples who got the advantage of meeting up with one another frequently somewhat fail to count their blessings after some time. But for long distance relationship, you have every reason to defy distance, to keep the connection alive, and to look forward to seeing each other like it’s the most important thing in the world!

If you want to keep the relationship, then no one or nothing should persuade you to do otherwise – not your family and friends, and most especially not the distance.
Distance should not be the basis to end a relationship. Distance should be considered as a test to make the bond stronger. Test will eventually become testimony if you can withstand peer pressure, temptations, and even lust! ;)

Go on. Maintain the long distance relationship. Prove everybody wrong.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Father, I know I'm late. I'm sorry.. If you are sensitive and emo enough you will be looking at all the cards that we've made for you and present that we bought all these years and think, " where have my cute daughters been? where are the cards that they used to make for me? Are they getting further and further away from me? "

I know you will not think like that but i cannot help myself from thinking that way. Pa me and ah ying really wanted to make something for you.. Aying suggested to make a video full of our pictures together with you for your father's day present.. I told her I dont want to end up crying til our eyes become swollen the next day. Last night we chatted till early morning.. She suggested to write a letter for you, as your present. Again, I told her I dont want.. I dont wana cry..

Now I know why we can make all the cards for you and mami when we were young. It's because we were always close together, 'i love you' seems so meaningless and easy to say. Now i can cry in 0.2 secs if you want me to say that word or make a card for you. Thinking that we will not have much time together is really torturing me. I hate to think of stuffs like that :c

Everyone is getting older.You and mama are staying alone right now. You can do whatever you like, eat whatever you want and smoke as many as you can. But you know, this is very hard for me, I can cry every night thinking how are you two doing there. That's why i keep avoiding myself from thinking of all those things. I just cannot afford to see anyone of you to fall sick.

Done with nagging.. I just want to say thanks for your everything. Your time, energy, money, love and your patience for us. You are really a great father. You dont have to teach us how to live.. We know how to live by watching how you live your life. You are indeed our role model, the kind, smart, funny, sporting, handsome, patience and great great great to the infinity dadi! You should know how great you are just by seeing how much we love you. So please live healthily, avoid doing things that can harm you alright?


Sunday, June 5, 2011


When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

There is a little girl in Australia. She wanted to attend Justin Bieber's concert so badly but as you all know, JB is so famous that the tickets were sold out in just 20 minutes. She could not get the ticket in time. With great disappointment, she went to her mum and complained to her.

Her mum looked at her and said: "come, let's go to the stadium and have a walk around the stadium. Maybe we can find some tickets on the floor.."

Of course there is low possibility that someone would actually drop the precious ticket on the floor but they tried it with hope anyway. So the mother drove her to stadium without any hesitation. Both of them walked around the stadium and kept their eyes on the floor to search for any tickets on the floor.

You may wonder what makes the mother has such initiative to drive her to stadium and give her false hope..But what's inside the mother's heart was actually "what's the big deal of driving my beloved daughter to the stadium? It is great if we can find the tickets; if not, i will just give her a warm hug, let her know that i will always be with her no matter what happens and tell her At least we have tried.. "

They saw a couple while they were searching for the tickets. The couple smiled at them and asked: "what are you two doing here? aren't you supposed to be inside the stadium now?"
The mother answered: " Actually we dont have the tickets to enter, so we are here to see if there are any tickets on the floor."
The couple was amazed by her answer, one of them said: " so do u mean you are finding the tickets by faith? "
"yeap! by faith and hope that we can find them."
"Wow! are u both christians?"
"yes we are!"
"oh great.." the couple said.."you know what, we are christian too, and we are JB's parents.. we are going in now, so lets go in together!"

So in the end they sat in VIP seat and got the chance to go to backstage and they even got the chance to meet JB. This is what happens when you have hope..Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers. So whatever you do, dont lose hope.. Impossible will become possible, if and only if you have hope :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


woah my blog is cute now! :p But the problem that im facing now is not cute at all.. :(

1. Tutor confirmed our annual leave
2. Dont really trust her but since there's promotion, my mum just book "for fun?" although we dont trust them!
3. I've booked my air ticket back to Kuching on 10th June.
4. May - Tutor came in and informed us that annual leave subject to change
5. Dont really care because i always think that my college like to kaciau us with these kind of craps. -.- from sem 1 til sem 3, always tell the same thing only
6. 20th of May - Came in and asked us not to book first, because principal really intended to change our annual leave, i start to get worried :c
7. Look for tutor and principal, wanted to discuss with them but principal scolded us :
" You guys only care about annual leave, what so important about annual leave? It's not like u cannot go back! Always want to go home only, just look at your unit! It's so messy! You better spend your time to clean your unit, rather than stand here and wait for people to confirm your annual leave "

See how cool is my principal :) She can find a good reason to chase us away :) We looked at each other and turned to her, with =.= and angry face.. I mean, what's her problem?! we are talking about this matter, why suddenly ask us to clean or unit? zzz she kept scolding us and said JANGAN JELING JELING! BALIK RUMAH DAN TIDY UP YOUR UNIT PLEASE! #$!@!!#$%%$ bla bla blaa a lot.. without waiting for her to finish her never ending speech, we just walked away..

About our unit, not only our unit.. Every unit is very messy.. She received feedback from our warden and she got soo angry so she scolded us together with our AL matter.. And about "You guys only care about annual leave, what so important about annual leave? It's not like u cannot go back!" .... man she totally made me feel like punching her face! other students from west malaysia of course can go back, but what about us? we just can go back once in every 6 months.. what we wanted was confirmation of our annual leave and we dont want her to change the date because our tickets will be burnt if the date is changed. Is that too over? Thats the most precious one week we have with our family.. Imagine i only get to see them once every 6 months, twice per year.. and we have to work here for 5 years.. so how many times can i actually see them in 8 years? 16 times. 16 x 7 days = 112.. cool~ i only can spend 112 days with my family in these 8 years.. 8 years later, i guess both my parents already 50+ 60+..the happy moments together will just fade like that.. if anything happen to them, how much time can i actually spend with them?

They just dont understand :c

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Beware of night shifts in hospital..

Ready for more ghost stories??

This incident happened few weeks ago in labour ward..Actually the previous labour ward was in 3rd floor but due to renovation, labour ward has moved to 4th floor so of course, 3rd floor was dark and isolated and u know what will happen inside right? so here it goes.. Now 3rd floor is ready to be used and i was posted there few weeks ago..Things ran quite smoothly when i was working there until i was told by a ward aid that this ward is haunted.. she said there was one patient (patient A) who stayed in a double bedded room..At night the patient beside her bed kept talking to her.. I think its because each of their beds are screened so they cant see each other, only can hear their that patient on the other bed talk talk and talk until something strikes patient A's mind.. isn't that bed empty?? At that very moment, a staff nurse went in her room so she asked staff nurse that beside her got patient or not.. staff nurse said, nope.. that patient has been discharged already so there's no patient there... *tang tang...*

Another short story in this ward.. One day, we were warned by ward sister not to take off our nursing cap when we are working.. simply because those things will take our cap and wear it.. and help us to do our jobs... We knew this from patients as they claimed that someone with white clothes already helped them to do this do that already when we wana perform any procedures on them.. white clothes, but without nursing cap.. thats the only difference between those "helpers" and students.. so, beware~

Ok this happened to my friend.. She was allocated alone as a student in a ward during night shift.. she was ok and quite energetic on first few days but on the third day, she started to feel very very sleepy during midnight so she decided to rest for a while in pantry, alone..She just slept with her head on the table like how we sleep in class, and with lights on.. When she was about to fall asleep, she heard a very loud and clear and keji female laughter beside her ear.. She was very shocked and wanted to lift up her head but she couldnt move at all..she cant even lift up her head.. she opened her eyes and guess what? she saw a small hand, moving nearer and nearer towards her body and trying to pull her name tag off..and that small kid was laughing all the way.. she was very very scared but she cant move at all.. Suddenly she remembered that there's a buddhist azimat in her name tag and she tried to reach it but she just cant.. so she said a simple buddhist prayer.. amazingly, everything went disappear and she can finally moves.. scary huh?? ~.~

Last one! Another friend was posted alone in a ward during night shift too.. Usually at night, the staff nurses will do night round to ensure that all the patients are ok and comfortable ma so this staff nurse in this ward went to do round by herself.. she just opened the 4 bedded room door and looked inside only, without going inside because that bed is just in front of the counter.. She saw one lady, with white clothes/ uniform, standing in front of the patient's table and looking at her, as though she is doing some procedure or checking on the patient.. she thought that this lady is my friend,(a student nurse)because she is wearing white uniform.. but after checking, she walked to the counter and screamed loudly when she saw my friend sitting on the counter and talking to another ward aid.. so the "student" inside the patient's room is a..??? ~.~

All of these stories are real.. But just bear in mind that if u dont do anything wrong, there is no way that they will harm u.. keep praying if u ever encounter this type of problem.. You will never know how strong and helpful is your prayer in dealing with this trouble.. :D sekian, terima kasih!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My experience as a nurse

I am a 2nd year nursing student now and so far everything is smooth sailing for me.. 2 days ago when mama called me, she asked me whether i regret to take nursing or not..Though i answered her confidently that i dont feel regret at all but this question kept popping out my mind at night.. hrmmm.. am i really suitable to be a nurse?

Last week i was posted in general ward where we can find all kind of cases in that ward.. I was instructed to send 30+ years old and healthy looking female patient for scope, which is called as oesophagogastroduodenoscopy -.- (OGDS).. Its a very simple, fast and safe procedure but when i sent that young and pretty patient into the scope room, she hold my hand and told me that if anything happen to her, she asked me to take out her organ donation card from her purse and hand it to her family.. i was like huh? then i replied her: " miss, this is a very simple and fast procedure, you will be ok.. dont worry " But she still insisted me to give her family the card, then i smiled to her and say ok ok i will, dont worry..

The next morning when i was about to check patients' vital signs, she already woke up and was reading her bible on the bed.. that was early in the morning and it was still very dark.. i felt glad deep inside my heart.. :) what a holy christian.. hee ok thats not the point! :D After some time doctor came to see her and showed her lots of x-ray films while explaining to her one by one.. i wanted to hear what doctor said but i cant hear at all so i just left the room and do my own thing.. Few minutes later staff nurse asked me to take out her branula as she is ready to be discharged, so i went in her room and talked to her.. ( our conversation )

me : So miss, hows ur result? :)
pt : Erm, not that good.. all my organs already become swollen..
me : O.o huh why?? did doctor tell u why?
pt : yea.. he said its because of the accumulation of fluid in my organs..
me : Huh?? accumulation of fluid? why?? ( i know i sound kepo here but its a fast and spontaneous conversation okayy )
pt : Erm.. because doctor said its already 4th stage already..
me : ( My eyes went O.O ) 4th stage???
pt : yea.. doctor said i have cancer..stomach cancer and its in 4th stage already.. the cancerous cells already spread to the other organs, including my lungs, liver, lymph node.. there is no cure anymore..

I felt so sad, just like a knife stabbing into my heart.. a young and pretty lady in front of me has cancer??? and its in last stage already.. i remain calm and looked at her..
me : so how did u detect it?
pt : i dont know.. i felt painful on my neck and i thought its because i didnt sleep properly at night.. now only i know its because my lymph node already swollen due to cancer.. and i am admitted in hospital because i feel that something is not right with my stomach as i always feel pain.. i just want to check.. i never knew that i will receive news like this.. its just too sudden..
me : miss, its ok,k? u just pray and pray.. Leave everything to God.. we cant do anything now.. the only thing we can do is to pray only.. :)
pt : oh so u are a christian too?? yea i know.. I believe that God will heal me.. He is the Healer..

I smiled to her.. but i know my face was very very down that time.. i just cant smile properly.. i was the one who told her that everything will be ok.. its only scope.. yea of course nothing will happen during the scope, but whats more important is the result of the scope.. and i totally forgot about that.. sigh.. but she looked so calm and cheerful when she told me about it.. she said the only thing that she's worried the most is to tell her parents.. she' afraid that they cannot accept this truth.. yea right... :'(((

I always wanted to enter her room and talk to her but i just dont have the chance..Few hours later, i was instructed to change bedsheet for the other beds in her room and i was like YES!! :p but she was packing that time and looked so busy so i just continue with my own work..

Then she walked beside me and gave me a flower and a card! specially for me only.. i am so touched.. this is my 1st flower from patient since i entered nursing course.. of course i dont mind for not having any but when i see my friends brought flower back, i will feel that am i not doing that good enough as compared to my friends? but know what? i just knew that most of my friends asked for flowers from patient's hampers or their bouquet of flower.. THEY ASKED FOR FLOWERS! i knew it from my friend..what the.. -.- so, this flower is sooo precious and special for me as i feel so appreciated..

so my conclusion is, so far, i can confidently say i love nursing because a thank you from patient can really make your day.. You see your patient enters hospital with wheel chair or trolley, looking so ill and walks out of the hospital healthily.. thats the greatest gift for every staffs in hospital.. For me nursing is not about gaining experience and help staff nurses only.. we have to serve patient sincerely and take care of them from the core of our heart.. people always make fun of nurses by saying nurses clean shit and urine only, but i tell u.. one day when your parents are old and cannot control their bowel already, shit and urine all over their bodies and on the floor, do u have the patience to help them to clean up everyday? i do.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


If i am sarcastic enough,
If i am mean enough,
If i am bitchy enough,
If i am daring enough,
If i am stupid enough, (as in i do things without considering the consequences)
If i am not fear of God

I SWEAR, your bed, your wall, your pail, your wardrobe and your everything..
will be full of my insulting notes that can give you nightmare!


You only know how to paste stick note on wall and notice board and tell ppl what to do (in a very sarcastic way).. have you ever think of yourself? Did u ever bothered about the duty roster that i've made? You didnt even throw rubbish, in fact u always throw the unfinished food inside rubbish bin and wait for people to throw it.. if no one wants to throw, then u will just leave your unfinished food in rubbish bin and let it decompose by itself.. damn

If you are behaving like this, who are you to tell people what to do? You are not even house leader.. if u think im not good and strict enough, why dont u be house leader?? im just soo sick of being one zzz

Who will back you up when warden come and check? ME!
Who will help you to tell lies when warden asked me where are u? ME!
Who will help you to carry this carry that back to unit when you want to balik kampung? ME!

nahhh whatever la.. lazy to talk about it anymore -.-!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

This cny...

This Chinese New Year i wont be able to see few faces..
1. Popo

I need to make a confession right here right now.. i bought a sweater for popo last year.. It is pink in colour.. a very cute sweater..i gave her on reunion dinner.. she asked me how much is it.. i said: cheap cheap nia la po.. rm20+ only.. then she said: "ok le.. not so expensive ho? it is soo nice.. :)" but now i wana tell u something po.. that sweater only costs rm5.. dont punish me! :ppp i dont understand why is it sooooo cheap.. me and my friend carmen saw it together and we chose together for our own grandma.. :) The sweaters are sooooo huge! XL, XXL, XXXL.. Maybe thats the reason why they only cost rm5..I felt a bit guilty when she appreciates it soo much as though it really costs that much.. i bought it just because its cheap.. and just to make her happy.. without bothering she can fit in or not.. im so guilty now.. :( i told popo she can actually wear this when she travels to China.. she smiled to me sweetly.. ohh man my vision turns blur again..:"( i just hate to recall back all the sweet memories.. :(


2. Beverly Jong

I dont even wana think about this.. :( how would our cny be without u?? this really is the 1st time in these 20 years that u dont celebrate cny with us.. im really seriously extraordinarily sad! >.< *wipe my tears* fuh~ ok la ok la.. i dont want u to be sad too.. i know u will be ok without us..:) because i prayed for u in church that u will be ok and will not feel lonely in this festive season.. may grace be upon u honeypie..:) God is great.. He knows that u can cope and adapt with new surrounding well..Im too weak for all these.. im only in KL but i can cry like its the end of the world everytime i miss home.. so u imagine if im like u, stuck in US cannot go back for cny, what will happen to me? beh, heard that u dun wana come back to malaysia anymore ho? u said staying in US is like a dream come true.. although my face went =.= but i felt glad for u.. at least u found peace and happiness in US.. August September October November December January February.. half year luu~~ WHEEE~ take good care of urself k? just wana say that having u as a sister is the proudest thing that ever happened in my life.. Thanks for making our family proud :) Love u always honeypie :))

3. Chai Ming How

Nemo is my best buddy! he is like my brother but we are not like the rest, call each other kor kor mei mei.. i call him nemo he calls me bi.. natural right? :p we always start our conversation by the word "oi!" or "oi..." Nemo is a fierce person.. he wont give me face when he scolds or critics me.. i used to be quite afraid of him.. ~.~ no! im still quite afraid of him, he looked very angry because me and ac were not punctual when we meet up in sunway :P i will tell him all my problems.. especially when i quarreled with ak :p he always be pihak ke-3 and talk to ak..although he seems so kepo in ppl's eyes but he didnt mind at all.. there was once i asked for break up with ak.. because i couldnt afford to accept all the gossips from my friends..after telling ak that i wana break, i cried for soo long.. i felt so regret but i dunno how to tell him.. so i told nemo about it.. he told ak that its hard to find a girl who will cry for him.. at last me and ak berbaik sudah.. ^_^ nemo is like my soul mate.. :p he will be there whenever i needed ppl to talk to.. he is matured and neutral in giving advices, so i always will listen to his wise words.. too bad that we cant celebrate cny together this year.. :( although u are here but i feel that we can meet more often when u are in kuching as compared to here.. ish :( oh ya i dun have our pic at all la.. dunno why.. hmmk =( anyway, thanks for being my friend, nemo.. :) i wish u happy chinese new year and hope that u can find a sweet pretty and nice gf soon :p

4. Andrew Chai

Oh budak ini.. i know u play a very very important role in our daily lives.. i treat u as real friend when we gossip, treat u as sister when i have love problem, treat u as tauke when we wana have free ginger bread ice cream or cookies :p, treat u as enemy when u are acting so kiasu-ly when exam draws near, treat u as god when u sing k, treat u as clown when u tell jokes and treat u as psychologist when u consult and tell all the meaningful quotes..:p ac still remember our peribahasa? 天下无不散之宴席,we need to split and move on to our own pathway no matter how reluctant we feel.. Thanks for all the sweet memories.. i enjoyed laughing like mad with u all the time, enjoyed standing under the hot sun with u and kenny, and looking at our exam papers, and u looked up to us with this >_< face, telling us that u cannot see the paper because the paper is too bright XD ( only u me and kenny know how funny this incident is, right? :P), enjoyed waiting for the bus and at the same time feeding mosquitoes with our own blood, enjoyed the annoying moment when i was sooo busy studying and u called me soo many times to check whether i've finished revising or not.. to keep u updated ~.~ if i say im almost done, u will scream: aitiiii tze ling ni hen li hai ah! ni yi ting na A liao la~~ then laugh laugh laugh.. if i say i still have a lot more to study, u will say: bu yao jia jia la!ni yi ting si xie hao de liao! waaaa~ u were very much annoying that time! grrr~ but this is not sufficient enough to make me hate u la.. hehe :p anyway, take care yea my dear ac.. u too! if u found a gf, must let me know oh.. happy chinese new year to u! :)