Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

Father, I know I'm late. I'm sorry.. If you are sensitive and emo enough you will be looking at all the cards that we've made for you and present that we bought all these years and think, " where have my cute daughters been? where are the cards that they used to make for me? Are they getting further and further away from me? "

I know you will not think like that but i cannot help myself from thinking that way. Pa me and ah ying really wanted to make something for you.. Aying suggested to make a video full of our pictures together with you for your father's day present.. I told her I dont want to end up crying til our eyes become swollen the next day. Last night we chatted till early morning.. She suggested to write a letter for you, as your present. Again, I told her I dont want.. I dont wana cry..

Now I know why we can make all the cards for you and mami when we were young. It's because we were always close together, 'i love you' seems so meaningless and easy to say. Now i can cry in 0.2 secs if you want me to say that word or make a card for you. Thinking that we will not have much time together is really torturing me. I hate to think of stuffs like that :c

Everyone is getting older.You and mama are staying alone right now. You can do whatever you like, eat whatever you want and smoke as many as you can. But you know, this is very hard for me, I can cry every night thinking how are you two doing there. That's why i keep avoiding myself from thinking of all those things. I just cannot afford to see anyone of you to fall sick.

Done with nagging.. I just want to say thanks for your everything. Your time, energy, money, love and your patience for us. You are really a great father. You dont have to teach us how to live.. We know how to live by watching how you live your life. You are indeed our role model, the kind, smart, funny, sporting, handsome, patience and great great great to the infinity dadi! You should know how great you are just by seeing how much we love you. So please live healthily, avoid doing things that can harm you alright?


Sunday, June 5, 2011


When the world says, "Give up,"
Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

There is a little girl in Australia. She wanted to attend Justin Bieber's concert so badly but as you all know, JB is so famous that the tickets were sold out in just 20 minutes. She could not get the ticket in time. With great disappointment, she went to her mum and complained to her.

Her mum looked at her and said: "come, let's go to the stadium and have a walk around the stadium. Maybe we can find some tickets on the floor.."

Of course there is low possibility that someone would actually drop the precious ticket on the floor but they tried it with hope anyway. So the mother drove her to stadium without any hesitation. Both of them walked around the stadium and kept their eyes on the floor to search for any tickets on the floor.

You may wonder what makes the mother has such initiative to drive her to stadium and give her false hope..But what's inside the mother's heart was actually "what's the big deal of driving my beloved daughter to the stadium? It is great if we can find the tickets; if not, i will just give her a warm hug, let her know that i will always be with her no matter what happens and tell her At least we have tried.. "

They saw a couple while they were searching for the tickets. The couple smiled at them and asked: "what are you two doing here? aren't you supposed to be inside the stadium now?"
The mother answered: " Actually we dont have the tickets to enter, so we are here to see if there are any tickets on the floor."
The couple was amazed by her answer, one of them said: " so do u mean you are finding the tickets by faith? "
"yeap! by faith and hope that we can find them."
"Wow! are u both christians?"
"yes we are!"
"oh great.." the couple said.."you know what, we are christian too, and we are JB's parents.. we are going in now, so lets go in together!"

So in the end they sat in VIP seat and got the chance to go to backstage and they even got the chance to meet JB. This is what happens when you have hope..Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers. So whatever you do, dont lose hope.. Impossible will become possible, if and only if you have hope :)