Sunday, January 30, 2011

This cny...

This Chinese New Year i wont be able to see few faces..
1. Popo

I need to make a confession right here right now.. i bought a sweater for popo last year.. It is pink in colour.. a very cute sweater..i gave her on reunion dinner.. she asked me how much is it.. i said: cheap cheap nia la po.. rm20+ only.. then she said: "ok le.. not so expensive ho? it is soo nice.. :)" but now i wana tell u something po.. that sweater only costs rm5.. dont punish me! :ppp i dont understand why is it sooooo cheap.. me and my friend carmen saw it together and we chose together for our own grandma.. :) The sweaters are sooooo huge! XL, XXL, XXXL.. Maybe thats the reason why they only cost rm5..I felt a bit guilty when she appreciates it soo much as though it really costs that much.. i bought it just because its cheap.. and just to make her happy.. without bothering she can fit in or not.. im so guilty now.. :( i told popo she can actually wear this when she travels to China.. she smiled to me sweetly.. ohh man my vision turns blur again..:"( i just hate to recall back all the sweet memories.. :(


2. Beverly Jong

I dont even wana think about this.. :( how would our cny be without u?? this really is the 1st time in these 20 years that u dont celebrate cny with us.. im really seriously extraordinarily sad! >.< *wipe my tears* fuh~ ok la ok la.. i dont want u to be sad too.. i know u will be ok without us..:) because i prayed for u in church that u will be ok and will not feel lonely in this festive season.. may grace be upon u honeypie..:) God is great.. He knows that u can cope and adapt with new surrounding well..Im too weak for all these.. im only in KL but i can cry like its the end of the world everytime i miss home.. so u imagine if im like u, stuck in US cannot go back for cny, what will happen to me? beh, heard that u dun wana come back to malaysia anymore ho? u said staying in US is like a dream come true.. although my face went =.= but i felt glad for u.. at least u found peace and happiness in US.. August September October November December January February.. half year luu~~ WHEEE~ take good care of urself k? just wana say that having u as a sister is the proudest thing that ever happened in my life.. Thanks for making our family proud :) Love u always honeypie :))

3. Chai Ming How

Nemo is my best buddy! he is like my brother but we are not like the rest, call each other kor kor mei mei.. i call him nemo he calls me bi.. natural right? :p we always start our conversation by the word "oi!" or "oi..." Nemo is a fierce person.. he wont give me face when he scolds or critics me.. i used to be quite afraid of him.. ~.~ no! im still quite afraid of him, he looked very angry because me and ac were not punctual when we meet up in sunway :P i will tell him all my problems.. especially when i quarreled with ak :p he always be pihak ke-3 and talk to ak..although he seems so kepo in ppl's eyes but he didnt mind at all.. there was once i asked for break up with ak.. because i couldnt afford to accept all the gossips from my friends..after telling ak that i wana break, i cried for soo long.. i felt so regret but i dunno how to tell him.. so i told nemo about it.. he told ak that its hard to find a girl who will cry for him.. at last me and ak berbaik sudah.. ^_^ nemo is like my soul mate.. :p he will be there whenever i needed ppl to talk to.. he is matured and neutral in giving advices, so i always will listen to his wise words.. too bad that we cant celebrate cny together this year.. :( although u are here but i feel that we can meet more often when u are in kuching as compared to here.. ish :( oh ya i dun have our pic at all la.. dunno why.. hmmk =( anyway, thanks for being my friend, nemo.. :) i wish u happy chinese new year and hope that u can find a sweet pretty and nice gf soon :p

4. Andrew Chai

Oh budak ini.. i know u play a very very important role in our daily lives.. i treat u as real friend when we gossip, treat u as sister when i have love problem, treat u as tauke when we wana have free ginger bread ice cream or cookies :p, treat u as enemy when u are acting so kiasu-ly when exam draws near, treat u as god when u sing k, treat u as clown when u tell jokes and treat u as psychologist when u consult and tell all the meaningful quotes..:p ac still remember our peribahasa? 天下无不散之宴席,we need to split and move on to our own pathway no matter how reluctant we feel.. Thanks for all the sweet memories.. i enjoyed laughing like mad with u all the time, enjoyed standing under the hot sun with u and kenny, and looking at our exam papers, and u looked up to us with this >_< face, telling us that u cannot see the paper because the paper is too bright XD ( only u me and kenny know how funny this incident is, right? :P), enjoyed waiting for the bus and at the same time feeding mosquitoes with our own blood, enjoyed the annoying moment when i was sooo busy studying and u called me soo many times to check whether i've finished revising or not.. to keep u updated ~.~ if i say im almost done, u will scream: aitiiii tze ling ni hen li hai ah! ni yi ting na A liao la~~ then laugh laugh laugh.. if i say i still have a lot more to study, u will say: bu yao jia jia la!ni yi ting si xie hao de liao! waaaa~ u were very much annoying that time! grrr~ but this is not sufficient enough to make me hate u la.. hehe :p anyway, take care yea my dear ac.. u too! if u found a gf, must let me know oh.. happy chinese new year to u! :)