Saturday, June 27, 2009


Wah! many ppl can be teacher lo! I also kena! kai yen also! kenny also!

Malaysia got hope lu!! we are bakal teachers yang cemerlang!

but im not.. i will be nurse cemerlang.. hihik!

If i accept the offer ah then i will fly to johor.. err kampus temenggung ibrahim.. with kenny.. same place same course.. bopien lo kenny.. looks like our jodoh sampai sini saja.. hehe!

All the best my friends! Wish ya all good luck!

Fui took his report card today.. her results very good.. but her flexi for bahasa cina 8 marks nia.. hihik 8!.. flexi konon.. useless d la haiya!

"kap kap kap"

When im looking at this pic.. feel like wana play super mario.. hehehe

Friday, June 26, 2009

YAY again!!


My dearest
sukying can be teacher lu!! Perak friends.. She's coming!!!

* deng deng deng deng * shark lai liao d sound.. hihik

Congratz my dear friend!

I noe you are happy.. im damn happy for you too! hee

Oh ya!! and shyh ning too!! hee congratz!
For those who x kena.. nvm la.. dont give up ya.. be tough and be happy! ^^

Thursday, June 25, 2009







heee.. i accidentally cut my nose ah!
*kesian face*

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bye KL

Today is a very moody day.. while i was studying, i received a message from my friend.. She said me and her..both of us only..are going to TERENGGANU instead of kl.. okay... Terengganu..haih.. My mum called the person in charged and she said Government last minute arrange us to study there.. LAST MINUTE???

haih... im ready to go to kl lo..y wana treat me like this le? T.T plus i dun have dear friends there.. suli, kz, ac, dex, mh! cant go out lo! cancelled everything.. how disapponting.. >_<

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My card for beloved daddy!

I hope my daddy wil remain as young as ever..

hee my father's day card for my daddy.. sweet ma? =)

our master pieces.. hee

Happy Father's Day papa!

I love u muchie muchie muchie! muacks

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My sweetest memories ever!

steal suli's nice pic.. hihik paiseh

Yong siang 'was' so handsome.. hihik

curi again.. =p

my sisters

waa..still young.. hihik

That's all..kiss ya with my sexy lips! muacks ^^

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My day.. ( very long oh )

Went for medical check up few days ago.. Then yesterday my mum received a call.. the hospital authority asked me to go back to hospital again.. to check my heart.. the reason is.. they forgot to check that day.. =,=

Uggh.. have to skip class and skip the maths test.. im quite happy actually.. hee.. then i went to school after the check up.. They said im very hardworking cz i stil wana go to school.. since im leaving soon.. why not? wana spend every single time with my friends ma.. =D and since im energetic and dont feel like wana sleep.. why not? hihik

Before i reached my class..honestly.. ah tian.. i heard your laughter.. i really heard it.. so loud.. =) thought they were having muet but in fact teacher was not there.. and my gosh.. they were actually talking and laughing at a girl.. come on la.. hehehe.. so funny =p straight away mixed with them and talk after iv reached the class.. *whee*

During bio.. teacher shared with us a very very lame joke.. =X its not funny... totally duno how to respond.. everyone just look at her with very blur face.. maybe it is funny.. but she talked til so slow and tersekat sekat.. then kenny suddenly turned back and asked us to look at a girl's face.. XD! thats wad you call.. funny.. =p kenny even laughed till he burried his head into his bag and whole body vibrate til..i thought i was experiencing earthquake that time.. come on la.. hee!

Oh ya.. he talked to me today..but im sorry.. i reli duno how to face you.. u made me felt disgusting and now i really dont wana see your face and listen to your voice.. can you leave me alone?! haih.. hate you ah! LEAVE ME ALONE LA sausage king... =,= stil dare to take out his phone to take pics again.. you know what is the meaning of malu ma? zzz

Back from school.. while i was eating.. mum received phone call from hospital again.. they urged mum to bring me to hospital.. thought my health got problem and kinda worried.. but when i reached there.. the nurse said doctor dont believe im underweight so ask me to weight again.. woah~ heee.. im really underweight la.. the doctor still laughed at me.. say kl gt tsunami.. so i cant go.. later fly away.. hit u ah!hee

overall im healthy.. thank god.. *whee* thats all.. ^^

Suli~ happy birthday

Happy belated birthday suli!! sorry for being late but no matter how i stil wish you with my sincere heart.. hee.. hope you dont mind..wish you all the best and study hard to be a successful doctor yea.. =p thats all my friend.. love ya! muacks~

Saturday, June 13, 2009

How to save a life.. hihik

Check danger.. no danger..
Hello! hello! are you okay?
No respond! HELP!! call ambulance!
Open airway ( head tilt chin lift)
Check airway..Airway clear
Check breathing.. 1,2,3,4,5
No breathing
2 blows!
Check signs of life
- movement
- vomiting
- coughing
- breathing

No signs of life
30 compressions! * crack*
2 blow
30 compressions
2 blows
30 compressions
2 blows
30 compressions
2 blows
30 compressions
2 blows
There's signs of life..


hihik teach u CPR ah.. how pro..
Anyway im gonna sit for adults' first aid exam few hours later.. wish me luck oh! =p

Friday, June 12, 2009

Andrew chai..

Thanks andrew chai!

Friends forever!^^

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Today we went to a lot of places.. *whee* Our first destination was cinema.. we watched monster vs aliens.. lame dao.... not funny at all.. But andrew chai laughed dao..... waliu got that funny meh? (-_-') when we asked him why laugh til like that he said : the one behind me also laugh ba.. okay.. thats a seh kia.. malu boi? hihik i think the funniest part is the sot president plays crazy frog song nia.. THAT part only.. and the cutest thingy is that "butterfly?" hihik!! sooo cute!! neh neh this biggest creature.. hee!!

After that, we went to tun jugah.. our pics.. suli bi ah tian and chin chin

Why am i getting taller and taller and taller?? >.<

Then.. went to After 3 at padungan.. in mandarin is 三口饭.. the food really 三口饭 nia.. zzz..
Take pics pics with iandrew.. ^^

Handsome guy and a lil lil lil pretty girl nia la.. hee...

We sat there for about 2 hours.. talking and eating.. and ak taught me how to 弹 ppl.. to menentang perogol.. hee.. cute~ I guess i'll pinch the perogol if i really met one..choi...*touch wood* He said he very worried that i cant protect myself when i go study.. hawww how sad.. makes me wana cry ah T.T But this is the best way to make me grow up right? if not i forever seh kia in ur eyes ah.. okie? hee

Our next destination was errm duno whats the name.. padungan there.. but nothing special.. the only funny thing is mr perry ordered sky juice.. rm 0.20 nia.. thats all ..hee..

Then went to Gingerbread house.. Andrew chai is anak tauke bah.. he chia us ice cream.. Very nice.. But its a bit too sweet for me.. So i ordered sky juice again..hiahia.. But for ah tian and the rest is chun chun la.. I just dont like very sweet foods.. later sore throat.. hee But stil.. thank you very very much andrew chai.. You are soo nice.. hee

Behind us suddenly kebakaran ah.. kia lang..
After took that pic we cepat cepat run for our lifes and pulang lo.. hihik.. seriously.. im joking..

In short.. I really had alot of funs with my friends ah.... soo reluctant to leave.. =( Goodbye my dear friends.. ngeh..