Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yesterday was the second time i saw doctor do dressing for brain cancer uncle..He called me and my friend to go with him and help him so we just went in with him.. without knowing what procedure he is going to do.. when i enter the uncle's room, i saw staff nurses had prepared many equipments and waiting 4 doctor already.. when i see the equipments, i was like.. gosh.. what is he gonna do?? cz there were lots and lots of equipments like forceps, blade, scissors and many more..i was kinda scared.. and felt sorry for the uncle neh.. TT

So the doctor just instruct us to support the uncle's shoulder and hip.. at first he injected dunno wad into his big big big pressure ulcer wound.. the uncle keep on struggling..T_T the only thing i can do is sayang his hand.. i dunno wad can i do for him.. he is very kesian.. and i asked him to tahan for a while.. he can listen to me.. he answered "okayyy"..with deep and low voice.. awww i was going to cry man.. i never knew that he can talk.. then doctor started to cut his dead skin using forceps and blade.. the uncle just lay quietly for him to cut..i was wondering what is he thinking.. sure he felt very painful but he cannot do anything.. =(

i'll pray for u uncle.. dont worry u will be ok.. :(

Friday, November 27, 2009


After 2 weeks of posting in hospital, i get to learn many things.. iv learnt that.. life is sooo fragile.. there are many cases that ive never expected in my entire life before.. we always read in newspaper that road accidents or perompakan happened everywhere.. and we never treat it seriously.. just treat those news as lame and boring.. but once u see the real patient.. u will think that this isnt small case.. haih..

i have one patient suffering from brain cancer.. its the final stage already and he is 50 years old only.. thats cruel... he just stay on the bed and cant move at all till he developed stage 4 pressure sore..the wound is very very big n deep til i can see the sacrum with my own eyes.. TT and his trochanter area also develop stage 3 pressure sore.. gosh... when doctor helped him do dressing, he uses the blade to cut the dead skin.. its so.... :( its soo painful till the semi conscious uncle shouted out loud ah.. haih heart break... and fyi.. pressure sore is something horrible horrible horrible..i wana vomit once i see it..
click if u wana know more or curious or *have the guts to see*..

And ya..a 21 years old lady has tumour in her brain too.. my goodness can u imagine? thats the time when we are heading towards our future and capture our dreams.. and thats the time when we enjoy our life too.. heard from my friend that she is bald and without eyebrow lo.. soo cruel huh.. T.T

Then there is one patient.. road accident.. omg i can see his tendon when doctor was doing dressing for him.. his skin is teared and half of it is gone.. i repeat.. GONE... like there is one big hole there.. the blood keep flowing and i thought im ok with it.. i just stand there and look at it.. but after a long time, i feel like vomiting and became pitam.. i can see bright light and i felt very hot.. so i quickly go out of the room.. so as my friend.. i think its because of the smell..makes us very uncomfortable.. then the second time i can see that his wound is healing..*of cz..this time i can tahan till the end lo hee* doctor told me that it takes about one month for the mitosis process.. heehee..after that the patient will undergo an operation which is to tampal skin from his other parts of body to his leg.. which will take a long long time too.. haih.. i wonder.. how about the fee ho? T.T

And a past footballer is paralyze..i heard from staff nurse that its something to do with his spinal cord..its so sudden for him and he keeps blaming the god and asking why the God wana curse him like this.. he is very depressed too.. and i saw doctor insert catheter into his penis.. gosh! can u imagine? insert a tube into a small hole.. aih aih.. apa nak jadi ni...

when i choose nursing everyone will be telling me that being a nurse needs to help people to clean faeces and urine.. yeah thats true.. i cleaned it and helped them to put pampers almost everyday.. diff kinds of faeces.. watery, hard, blackish, greenish, yellowish.. diff odours too.. but thats not the end of the world la hehe.. i still can tahan.. dont forget there is something called mask ma.. and something called gloves.. and theres something called double protection.. we wore 2 masks, 2 gloves and apron when we wana do this procedure.. so exaggerate and funny if we are attending H1N1 patient...hee but its for our own good ma.. who cares.. Xp

in short, so far i still love nursing and i believe it will increase more and more as time goes by.. its soo challenging as u will never know who and what kinda patients and injuries you will be facing everyday..they said we will know whether we really love nursing onot when we are in sem 3.. waiting for that time to come then! oh ya im going to sem 2 lo.. *cheers* hee