Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cuteness overload!

This post is all about the cuties in my house! :p OK so this is a pair of couple :p one is Gucci the other one is Godeo :p
They always spend time together in the cage, playing, chasing, sleeping and etc together. Few weeks later, we realized there's something wrong with Gucci, she became big eater, became so fierce so we presumed that she's pregnant!! :D Of course, nothing happened for the first week so we thought we are just exaggerating, she's not even pregnant! nevermind then..
See, how fat! :p
Malang tidak berbau, on the 31st of July, we got back from hospital, taken our dinner and preparing to take bath, suddenly my friend screamed and she told us that Gucci has already given birth! i went and see, gosh. 5 BABIES! they look like worms, sorry to say but they look very disgusting ;x
We are not allowed to look or touch the baby hamsters as the mom will eat them up, even the father is not allowed too. We quickly move the father out and place him in my pail XD see his emo face :c
Few days old, getting bigger, but still disgusting :p
Awwww.. Few weeks later, the babies finally got fur! :p One got eaten by the mom when he was just few days old, poor him :c
Mag the owner of the hamsters bought a new cage for him, uhuk, still emo :C love sick i guess..
The babies finally can eat by themselves, no need breastfeeding anymore :p
Om nom nom!
The greyish colour baby is called Apple! he is the chubbiest and fluffiest baby among them all :p AND THE MOST ACTIVE ONE TOO! awwww
NAWWWW... I took this pic today, see how fast! they become soo big and fat already! :p
See the big fat ass! The one looking at me is the mom, Gucci! the death stare :x
This mommy quite useless lo, she can push the babies away and sit in the container to eat alone. Tsk tsk tsk but in this case, the babies got into the container first so yay to the babies! :p
There there, that's apple in the container! sooo fluffy! check out his cheek! stuffed with lots of food :p
My first time holding Apple! his fur is soo soft, he is sooo manja and he is soooo cute! :p Looks like a cotton ball kan? :p p/s: he was throwing out the food from his cheek, the food was so warm! i wonder how long has he stored those food in his cheek :p
My lil fluffy baby! :D cuteness overload already :p that's all for today! :D

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Monday, August 20, 2012

Distance means so little when u mean so much to me :)
I love you andrew

Friday, August 17, 2012


I cooked fried rice for myself just now. It smells so nice and i thought it would taste nice too but..
man thats the most boring food i've ever eaten in my entire life T.T
How can i be so bad in cooking?
Future husband and kids, i dunno who you are but please please, bear with me k? :B

Monday, August 13, 2012


So yeah, just got to know that im deployed to Intensive Care Unit in IJN. I dont know whether i should feel happy or not.
Crazy life