Sunday, December 27, 2009

exhibition day~

Going to sem2 soon.. cant imagine how time flies.. and i got 3.8 for my final exam.. praise to Lord..cheers* hee.. we had our human model exhibition last 2 weeks..we did GIT system..

These are the progressions of our master piece..

From this..

To this

To this.. masuk keranda.. hee

To this!! tadaaa*

next task is.. we must explain the GIT system to everyone that visits our model.. i was the one who explains to them.. its GIT system afterall.. kacang la.. hehe

Bla bla bla


Tegur by tutor.. hmmk!


At the end of the day, tutor called us group by group to review our result for this exhibition.. thank god.. our hard work is paid off.. we got the highest mark in the whole class.. wheee

Jia you in sem2 oh everyone.. hee

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I love you..

That's why i care...

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Nothing special today.. i just felt terrible.. a 68 years old ah ma go to the hospital alone, with rm300 cash squeezed in an old small packet, no handphone, no cards.. she was going to do operation for her eye.. after the operation, she asked me to bring her to the counter to call her relatives to fetch her home.. she was so excited to go back, i guess.. she keeps telling me that she can eat at home because she had prepared lunch at home before she go to hospital. so i pushed her to the counter using a wheelchair because she cant really see.. she spoke in cantonese but i still understand what she said..she said.."halo, xxx ah? im done! come and fetch me now ok or not? " with a big wide smile on her face.. but she suddenly became silent and keeps on negotiating with her family members and i can see her face with big wide smile turned to sad face in a while.. then she turned to me and said she will use taxi to go back by herself.. i was like.. What the! where are your relatives?? she said all of them are so busy so cant fetch she will use taxi to go back alone.. my goodness..

I begged her to stay for a while first and wait for the relatives.. i really dont want her to go back alone.. so dangerous..she still felt a bit drowsy and blur amd her eye is still paining.. no way no way! luckily she stayed at last..i helped her to put on her blanket and pujuk her to rest before i go home..

haih..though they are busy but at least ask her to stay and fetch later ba.. why wana tell her that they cannot go and ask her to go back herself?? thats so cruel! people nowadays... speechless..


I didnt chat wid him today.. the whole day.. he was too busy to chat with me yesterday.. because of your assignments?? if so.. y u still have time to read people's blog ?? its alasan alasan alasan for me.. when i asked you to focus on me and chat with me then u said u have assignments to do.. damn~ i felt down the whole night.. i have soo many things to tell and share with you.. but u x even bother.. you said u are not chatting with girl so what am i angry for? and u said at least u replied me. better then x hiu me at all.. fine~ i dont have such energy to wait for u and waste my time waiting for your replies..and ur replies were like repeat and rewind only.. cant u feel how i feel?? u think i just simply want u to reply kah? you think i will feel happy by just reading you oic, haha, and ur damn short replies?? u even say u dun even know what am i talking about.. so for u im talking craps all the way la? u can read people's blog and smiling alone without thinking of my damn feeling... then who am i to walk around the shopping mall to search for a lil christmas present for u? maybe u think that this is ridiculous but you cant imagine how hurt i am....

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Today is sunday.. i woke up early because i just sent my sis to bus station.. yea right.. she overnight at my unit and we went out to sunway pyramid yesterday.. it was really fun walking,chatting around and buying christmas presents with her.. really.. and we captured many pics too.. and we even squeeze in my very small single bed.. then when she was going to sleep and i was surfing the net, she suddenly turned to me with her red eyes and nose.. O.O she was crying! im really shocked and i asked her wad happened but she didnt tell me.. i guess.. she felt reluctant to leave me la.. hee but at last both of us went out to my living room to sleep because im afraid i will fall from my double decker bed..hee.. we slept on the sofa and yea..had sweetdreams.. hee!

im gonna miss u my lil baby aying..

Thursday, December 3, 2009


today is another tough day.. i realized that there are blisters on my toes.. simply because i walk too much.. and stand too long.. so "gao wuek" :(

erm today is the last 2 days im in Pantai Hospital Ampang.. i love the staffs there.. doctors too.. they are very nice and approachable.. today the young physiologist called me eh..hee.. yesterday he asked me what is my name den when i told him he said my name just like medicine.. =,= heartbreak! Then today he saw me again and he called me bernadine.. ^^ so friendly.. hee..

I sent a patient to doctor's clinic today..when i was going back to my ward the doctor asked me to go into his clinic observe the procedure.. the patient is an 60+ years old old cute man.. i sayang him very much... he is involved in road accident and injured his face and both his hand and leg.. so there are blood clots in his nose.. doctor inserted nasal scope into his nose to check on the clots.. ewww! this is the first time i saw such thing man.. i can see the clots.. just like jelly.. then inside the nose, nothing but wall.. heehee..then he used a suction to suck out the clots.. awwww... the clot is like leech too.. long and sticky.. i really cant stand it.. i felt sorry for the old uncle.. After that the doctor inserted the nasal scope deeper and deeper and oh man.. i pinched my friend's hand and she pinched my leg ah.. hee* so disgusting.. then the ah pek keep on sneezing.. T.T After the doctor has sucked out the clots in his nose, i brought him back to his room.. i asked him whether its painful onot..he said a lil bit painful but very uncomfortable.. but after the procedure he felt very comfortable cz his nose is clean and clear now.. hee.. such a cute ah pek..

I love to talk to the oldies very very much.. i just dunno why.. they make me feel like wana sayang them ah.. hee.. there was a patient, an old ah ma.. she gave me money and asked me to buy food for myself to eat eh.. XD and she gave me apple and biscuits to eat too.. and give me money and ask me to keep.. walau.. tips meh? hehe..but of cz i didnt take la.. didnt take at all at all at all.. last last time at lion nursing home one ah ma even wana give me her harta ah.. XD if i am a bad girl, eng eng...syyrrppp...i will hisap all their money! hiahia! thank god im not ^^

Few more weeks to go.. jia you! ^^

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Im sad again

For all the times you stayed up,
When my tummy was upset
And all the nights you made up
Stories, because i wasnt sleep yet
For all the things you gave up
To make sure my needs were met

this little girl you raised up
Will never, ever your love forget..

Suddenly miss home very much.. getting tired with nasi goreng nasi goreng nasi goreng everyday.. i need good and healthy food.. i want delicious food.. mami's homemade food..

im getting tired too.. quarreled with someone.. not quarrel but just.. didnt contact anymore.. because of some stupid reason.. again.... i wana go home.. im tired.. The best place to be when you are sad is in mami's lap.. i miss home very much..

now everyone is in kuching now.. most of my friends.. i felt lonely.. they will balik kampung soon.. and during christmas.. what should i do and where should i go during christmas?? i dunno... i miss the time when we sang christmas song together with popo and the rest last year.. i miss the time when i watched fireworks with family at The Spring last year during christmas.. i miss the time when dadi hugged me and say i love u on new year when we countdown together at airport.. miss miss miss miss... :(

im seriously praying that i can have my annual leave on cny so that i can go back and celebrate in kch.. people keep asking me when am i going back.. saying that im going back during cny is just comforting myself.. im not sure.. really unsure.. popo called me and said if i didnt go back during cny she will cry.. owh come on... :(

I love and miss everyone very much now.. seriously... T_T