Friday, December 31, 2010

My long long post about New Year :p

Year 2008 - Countdown for Year 2009. 5 of us countdown at Boulevard Shopping Mall.. We watched dancing competition together while waiting for the clock to strike 12am.. 12am, we turned to each other and wished each other happily.. Papa hugged mami and 3 of us.. I really wished the time will stop right there.. I felt soo warm and sweet.. Its hard to find a family like this.. Dadi discussed with mami seriously about where to countdown, mami rushed us, commanded us to get dressed quickly so that we can go out earlier, dadi sanggup shop with us till 12am just to wait for the countdown, sanggup hold the camera whole day whole night to capture down all the sweet moments with all of us together.. Sanggup find carpark patiently although Boulevard was like China that time.. All of these are more than enough to prove that i have super duper extraordinary happy lovely family.. :)

Year 2009 - Countdown for Year 2010. I was having posting that time so i cant go back for christmas and new year.. How did i spend my new year in year 2009? :D Me and my friend cleaned our unit together since we have no place to go.. We just stayed in unit with one motto: New year, new unit! Must prepare ourselves and clean everything, throw all the unnecessary things.. Make our unit as presentable as possible.. New Year ma..:) hee.. We ordered good food too! Finally the clock struck 12am.. We climbed up the table, looked out of our window and we enjoyed looking at rich people burning their money to make the sky soo soo colourful..hee.. Thanks richie! who says we must go out to see fireworks? our 11th floor window can see whole subang including Sunway Pyramid le! :)

Year 2010 - Countdown for Year 2011. Fuhh finally~~ This year many people asked me out to countdown.. I rejected all because i don't feel like going out.. What is the meaning of Chinese New Year Countdown without my parents and my sisters? I feel that im soo old fashioned and narrow minded.. Everyone cant wait to finish class and prepare mentally physically to countdown, but me? i dont wana go anywhere.. I just want to stay in my unit like last year.. Plus, i dont like to go out till late night without my parents.. For sure that everyone starts to countdown 10 secs before 12am.. Dont tell me after u countdown u straight away go back? 5,4,3,2,1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!! ok, lets go back! @.@ Sure everyone will at least stay for another 1 or 2 hours, talk la, dance la, take picture la, go clubbing la,i dunno la you name it @.@.. This is against my college's rules and regulation because we are supposed to come back before 12am.. No No im soo not gonna break this kind of rules! Im a nerd right? :P But its for my own good too.. I think its very very dangerous to hang out till so late in KL.. in kuching ok la.. we even ate porridge in market at 1am.. Kuching, my hometown is peaceful.. Hey, stay here also not bad ba.. The malays are having karaoke in Mydin i guess.. The songs are soo rock and im soooo high!! =.= Kepalaku sudah mauk letup lahhhh~

No im not gonna stop here! hehe..
My new year resolutions!
1. Papa, you are at the top of my resolution list! Please! QUIT SMOKING! Mama, i want u to take good care of urself.. Stay healthy.. u know all of us cannot survive without u and papa.. :( PRAY MORE!

2. Get 4.0 in my exam! grrr~ i got 3.8, 3,7 and 3.8 in sem 1 sem 2 and sem 3 respectively.. sem4 i want 4.0! >_<

3. I want nobody, But u.. my bf~ :) New year new hope.. change to a better better person then i will love u even more! heehee.. We are entering our 3rd year.. can u believe it? HUGSSS~ :)I hope that we can continue to love each other, dont get influenced or "seduced" by other people.. :) and hope that we can trust each other even more, in times of difficulties :) And i want u to be sweeter! can? grrr!

4. I just dont have much initiative to contact my old friends.. In fact i didnt really contact anyone except my parents and bf.. thats all.. I hope that in this new year, i can find back all my old friends and let them know that i actually care about everyone.. just that im way too lazy to press my very very lagging and lousy phone.. and the battery will flat without even warning me! grrrrr~ maybe my new year resolution in list no 4 is to get a new hp ho? :P

5. My beloved ones that are very very far away from me : My forever gone popo, my sister who is in US, my friends who are in England and NZ and ect.. Let me dream of my popo and let me talk to popo in my dream please.. :( i want a real and sweet dream, not a weird dream like what i've dreamt that day.. popo.. i miss u :( Aying, please come back earlier because im missing u badly too.. Take good care of yourself alright?? :)

6. I hope that 2011 can pass by in a nick of time so that i can graduate and be a staff nurse very soon! I know being a staff nurse is very hard but stuck here also hard ya.. life must go on.. face challenges earlier, can balik kampung jaga parents and kao ing earlier also.. Faster faster! 2012 im waiting for u! :P

Dah dah my craps are long enough.. 30 minutes to New year so i wish everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR in advanced, and let the bygone, be the bygone.. Forgive but dont forget the past la because for those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it.. Stated clearly in our sejarah text book.. XD Thats all~ TATA!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cutee and happy dinner :D

Funny incident.. :P

Today we cooked too much rice for dinner.. its like almost 3 cups of beras for 5 people.. So when the rice is cooked, one of my friends, bannu scooped rice for us.. The rice kept on increasing and increasing on our plates and we were like: ha?? still got a lot meh?? she said yeah! still got a lot a lot! then she continue to scoop for us..

They started to laugh and scream and shout and throw rice to each other's plate and claimed that their rice is too much.. Then the one who gets more rice will shout NO NO MINE IS SOOOO MUCH ALREADY! GIVE XXXX!! That XXXX will shout NO NO NO! GIVE XX!! again..Can you imagine this chaotic situation? :D ( As a house leader, ahem ahem..Of course i didnt do anything.. i just sat there and said: eh, dont play with food la...) At last everyone threw their rice for me and my rice ended up like a hill.. The terrible thing was, we only cooked cabbage, cabbage soup, potato and 炸菜 (according to my friend) for dinner.. If u ask for a reason, they will say, we will gain weight if we eat too much but u dont.. so im always the one who ate the most everyday.. Hmmm but i feel rather happy and lucky.. at least my stomach is full everyday.. :)

I wasn't kidding right? :P I managed to finish it anyway.. burrppp~ hee

Sunday, December 19, 2010

基督教诗歌 一件礼物 :(

I thought time can heal everything.. But i was wrong..

Memories about popo are still very fresh in my mind.. Today we went to saberkas to reformat aying's lappy.. suddenly i saw sebastian, with a group of his church mates.. They were preparing to sing xmas songs on the stage.. We were very excited and we quickly find a seat to sit down.. They sang nicely.. i felt very warm and glad.. But there was one song which reminded me of popo.. its called 一件礼物.. This song is very familiar to me so i turned to ahui and asked her whether we heard this song before..she said yeap.. I turned away and continue to listen.. when they reached the chorus, images of us singing with popo and gugu in church came across my mind.. i cant get popo's face out off my mind..Tears started to roll in my eyes but i hold my tears so hard that i was so restless that time..i kept looking here and there, looked at my phone but i cant hold my tears anymore..I started to cry.. i dun want mama to get shocked to see my crying face so i turned to her and told her this song reminded me of popo..She cried in few seconds too..Due to my carefree attitude, or maybe because i still couldn't accept the truth? I almost forget that popo has passed away.. really.. :( I guess Christmas will never be the same for me anymore because i have lost someone very special in my life.. Someone whom i will think of the most when it comes to Christmas.. Please look after all of us from heaven k popo..:) i love u always.. :)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


我长大时,也要像我爸爸妈妈一样,两个人去旅行,爸爸帮妈妈拍照,妈妈帮爸爸拍照。。两个人坐在凳子上,一起吹海风,看风景,还打电话给我,跟我炫耀。。 我真的很欣赏他们,他们真的很甜蜜,很幸福。。

这是爸爸帮妈妈拍得。。 看她笑得几开心。。 :)


我真的很向往这样的生活,有个那么好的老公,爸爸每次没事做就带妈妈出去玩,拿着相机,把妈妈当成模特儿,去orchid garden la, beach la, sunday market la, or even kopitiam..每天跟我妈妈抢电脑,两个人一起上网,一起顶嘴,一起笑,一起为了抢电脑而吵架。。 我们都叫他们老顽童,几岁了还这样。。有时我想到都想要哭,我真的很幸福。。 不过如果有一天,他们没有在了,怎么办呢?所以,我真的很怕他们不会好好照顾自己。。 我不敢想象没有他们的那一天。。

主,与我们同在吧。。 您是我唯一的希望了。。

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Meaningful quotes of prayer.. :)

- Dont pray for lighter burden, but stronger backs.

- To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.

- In prayer, it is better to have a heart without words, than words without a heart.

- Pray, and let God worry.

- Most people do not pray, they only beg.

- All prayers are answered if we are willing to admit that sometimes the answer is a 'no'.

- Most people pray as if God were a big aspirin pill, they come only when they hurt.

- Prayer should be the key of the morning and the lock of the night.

- If we do not love whom we see, how can we love God, whom we cannot see?

My testimony!

I have a testimony to share!! :) I just had my final practical exam few days ago..

Most of my friends are afraid of theory exam but for me, practical exam is so much harder than theory.. We only have 5 minutes to do each procedure and we wont get to know what procedures are we going to do till we enter the station.. So basically we really dont have time to think at all.. Once we go in the station, we have to read the question quickly, and perform the procedure in front of tutor.. Sounds so scary right?

So before the exam, me and my friends prayed together.. I was very very nervous as i was the first group to enter the station.. My friend prayed to God to blind tutors' eyes if we make mistakes.. I felt so relieve after we prayed.

When i enter the station, i was kinda shocked to see the procedure was insertion of nasogastric tube.. But i felt rather happy because i've practiced this procedure over and over again and i even prayed to God that whatever procedure i have practiced will come out in the exam. So i did the procedure smoothly, and i was shivering all the way although i dont feel nervous anymore.. DAAMN this is so embarrassing! My tutor stared at me when i was doing the procedure.. And she smiled, looking at my shivering hands as though i have Parkinson's disease or hypoglycemia. I cant even insert syringe into the tube and i laughed at myself for being so funny. Sigh.. Anyway, i managed to finish my procedure before 5 minutes.. FYI, this is a procedure with many steps.. we have to measure the tube, insert tube, check whether the tube is in stomach or not by aspirating gastric juice and pumping air into stomach and auscultate with stethoscope.. Most of my friends could not make it and the thing that bothered me was, did i miss out any steps? why i still have extra time after i finished everything and my friends cannot even finish the checking part? @.@

Another difficult station was injection. Injection is a tough procedure and we can fail easily.. very easily.. Apart from the never ending checking, let me name it.. Check for 6R's: right patient, right medication, right dose, right route, right time, right documentation and 3 Checks: before preparing medication, after preparing medication and before serving medication, we must check all these for 3 times! if not, fail.. Let me continue.. Apart from the never ending checking, we have to prepare the syringe and needle, withdraw drugs, change needle, remove air bubbles, not to forget, CHECK AGAIN, measure the injection site, 90 degree injection, swab correctly and give health education. Another procedure with soo many steps that can make u fail with a small careless mistake.. Ok so i did everything smoothly because God hears my prayer.. This is another procedure that i focused and practiced for so many times. I shivered a lot a lot too.. This tutor is the same as the one before.. and she laughed at me again.. maybe i really have hypoglycemia? Why cant i do my procedures steadily and cool-ly? :o And once again, i managed to finish everything before 5minutes..

I dont really know how was my performance.. Like maybe u did a careless mistake in between, eg contaminated the needle and u didnt even know.. This is the challenging part of practical exam.. U can go out of the station happily and confidently, telling the whole world that u manage to finish the procedure in time, without knowing that you have contaminated the needle in between,without knowing that tutor has put down her pencil and stop observing your procedure anymore.. Or maybe u forgot to follow the 6R'S and 3C's principle.. I have a friend, she just went in and straight away informed patient that she wants to give injection, without checking the prescription and performing the 6r's and 3c's. Tutor straight away drew a line on her marking sheet and gave her 0.. Luckily she realized and asked permission to redo the procedure again.. If not can u imagine how hard for u to accept the truth that u get 0 just because u forgot to check from the beginning?

Here comes my testimony.. I just received my result yesterday.. Praise the Lord, out of 20, i got 17.5 for insertion of nasogastric tube and 19 for injection.. Man, i really dont know what have i done till i can get such good results.. I know i wont be able to do this by myself.. I know God has given me strength and helped me in my exam.. Without him, no matter how many times i've practiced, im just nothing.. So i just wana tell u, When u dont feel like want to pray, thats the time that u need to pray the most.. Be it happy, sad, angry, frustrating or depressed, just PRAY.. :) Believe in prayer, as it is the best way we have to draw strength from heaven..