Sunday, December 27, 2009

exhibition day~

Going to sem2 soon.. cant imagine how time flies.. and i got 3.8 for my final exam.. praise to Lord..cheers* hee.. we had our human model exhibition last 2 weeks..we did GIT system..

These are the progressions of our master piece..

From this..

To this

To this.. masuk keranda.. hee

To this!! tadaaa*

next task is.. we must explain the GIT system to everyone that visits our model.. i was the one who explains to them.. its GIT system afterall.. kacang la.. hehe

Bla bla bla


Tegur by tutor.. hmmk!


At the end of the day, tutor called us group by group to review our result for this exhibition.. thank god.. our hard work is paid off.. we got the highest mark in the whole class.. wheee

Jia you in sem2 oh everyone.. hee

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I love you..

That's why i care...

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Nothing special today.. i just felt terrible.. a 68 years old ah ma go to the hospital alone, with rm300 cash squeezed in an old small packet, no handphone, no cards.. she was going to do operation for her eye.. after the operation, she asked me to bring her to the counter to call her relatives to fetch her home.. she was so excited to go back, i guess.. she keeps telling me that she can eat at home because she had prepared lunch at home before she go to hospital. so i pushed her to the counter using a wheelchair because she cant really see.. she spoke in cantonese but i still understand what she said..she said.."halo, xxx ah? im done! come and fetch me now ok or not? " with a big wide smile on her face.. but she suddenly became silent and keeps on negotiating with her family members and i can see her face with big wide smile turned to sad face in a while.. then she turned to me and said she will use taxi to go back by herself.. i was like.. What the! where are your relatives?? she said all of them are so busy so cant fetch she will use taxi to go back alone.. my goodness..

I begged her to stay for a while first and wait for the relatives.. i really dont want her to go back alone.. so dangerous..she still felt a bit drowsy and blur amd her eye is still paining.. no way no way! luckily she stayed at last..i helped her to put on her blanket and pujuk her to rest before i go home..

haih..though they are busy but at least ask her to stay and fetch later ba.. why wana tell her that they cannot go and ask her to go back herself?? thats so cruel! people nowadays... speechless..


I didnt chat wid him today.. the whole day.. he was too busy to chat with me yesterday.. because of your assignments?? if so.. y u still have time to read people's blog ?? its alasan alasan alasan for me.. when i asked you to focus on me and chat with me then u said u have assignments to do.. damn~ i felt down the whole night.. i have soo many things to tell and share with you.. but u x even bother.. you said u are not chatting with girl so what am i angry for? and u said at least u replied me. better then x hiu me at all.. fine~ i dont have such energy to wait for u and waste my time waiting for your replies..and ur replies were like repeat and rewind only.. cant u feel how i feel?? u think i just simply want u to reply kah? you think i will feel happy by just reading you oic, haha, and ur damn short replies?? u even say u dun even know what am i talking about.. so for u im talking craps all the way la? u can read people's blog and smiling alone without thinking of my damn feeling... then who am i to walk around the shopping mall to search for a lil christmas present for u? maybe u think that this is ridiculous but you cant imagine how hurt i am....

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Today is sunday.. i woke up early because i just sent my sis to bus station.. yea right.. she overnight at my unit and we went out to sunway pyramid yesterday.. it was really fun walking,chatting around and buying christmas presents with her.. really.. and we captured many pics too.. and we even squeeze in my very small single bed.. then when she was going to sleep and i was surfing the net, she suddenly turned to me with her red eyes and nose.. O.O she was crying! im really shocked and i asked her wad happened but she didnt tell me.. i guess.. she felt reluctant to leave me la.. hee but at last both of us went out to my living room to sleep because im afraid i will fall from my double decker bed..hee.. we slept on the sofa and yea..had sweetdreams.. hee!

im gonna miss u my lil baby aying..

Thursday, December 3, 2009


today is another tough day.. i realized that there are blisters on my toes.. simply because i walk too much.. and stand too long.. so "gao wuek" :(

erm today is the last 2 days im in Pantai Hospital Ampang.. i love the staffs there.. doctors too.. they are very nice and approachable.. today the young physiologist called me eh..hee.. yesterday he asked me what is my name den when i told him he said my name just like medicine.. =,= heartbreak! Then today he saw me again and he called me bernadine.. ^^ so friendly.. hee..

I sent a patient to doctor's clinic today..when i was going back to my ward the doctor asked me to go into his clinic observe the procedure.. the patient is an 60+ years old old cute man.. i sayang him very much... he is involved in road accident and injured his face and both his hand and leg.. so there are blood clots in his nose.. doctor inserted nasal scope into his nose to check on the clots.. ewww! this is the first time i saw such thing man.. i can see the clots.. just like jelly.. then inside the nose, nothing but wall.. heehee..then he used a suction to suck out the clots.. awwww... the clot is like leech too.. long and sticky.. i really cant stand it.. i felt sorry for the old uncle.. After that the doctor inserted the nasal scope deeper and deeper and oh man.. i pinched my friend's hand and she pinched my leg ah.. hee* so disgusting.. then the ah pek keep on sneezing.. T.T After the doctor has sucked out the clots in his nose, i brought him back to his room.. i asked him whether its painful onot..he said a lil bit painful but very uncomfortable.. but after the procedure he felt very comfortable cz his nose is clean and clear now.. hee.. such a cute ah pek..

I love to talk to the oldies very very much.. i just dunno why.. they make me feel like wana sayang them ah.. hee.. there was a patient, an old ah ma.. she gave me money and asked me to buy food for myself to eat eh.. XD and she gave me apple and biscuits to eat too.. and give me money and ask me to keep.. walau.. tips meh? hehe..but of cz i didnt take la.. didnt take at all at all at all.. last last time at lion nursing home one ah ma even wana give me her harta ah.. XD if i am a bad girl, eng eng...syyrrppp...i will hisap all their money! hiahia! thank god im not ^^

Few more weeks to go.. jia you! ^^

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Im sad again

For all the times you stayed up,
When my tummy was upset
And all the nights you made up
Stories, because i wasnt sleep yet
For all the things you gave up
To make sure my needs were met

this little girl you raised up
Will never, ever your love forget..

Suddenly miss home very much.. getting tired with nasi goreng nasi goreng nasi goreng everyday.. i need good and healthy food.. i want delicious food.. mami's homemade food..

im getting tired too.. quarreled with someone.. not quarrel but just.. didnt contact anymore.. because of some stupid reason.. again.... i wana go home.. im tired.. The best place to be when you are sad is in mami's lap.. i miss home very much..

now everyone is in kuching now.. most of my friends.. i felt lonely.. they will balik kampung soon.. and during christmas.. what should i do and where should i go during christmas?? i dunno... i miss the time when we sang christmas song together with popo and the rest last year.. i miss the time when i watched fireworks with family at The Spring last year during christmas.. i miss the time when dadi hugged me and say i love u on new year when we countdown together at airport.. miss miss miss miss... :(

im seriously praying that i can have my annual leave on cny so that i can go back and celebrate in kch.. people keep asking me when am i going back.. saying that im going back during cny is just comforting myself.. im not sure.. really unsure.. popo called me and said if i didnt go back during cny she will cry.. owh come on... :(

I love and miss everyone very much now.. seriously... T_T

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Yesterday was the second time i saw doctor do dressing for brain cancer uncle..He called me and my friend to go with him and help him so we just went in with him.. without knowing what procedure he is going to do.. when i enter the uncle's room, i saw staff nurses had prepared many equipments and waiting 4 doctor already.. when i see the equipments, i was like.. gosh.. what is he gonna do?? cz there were lots and lots of equipments like forceps, blade, scissors and many more..i was kinda scared.. and felt sorry for the uncle neh.. TT

So the doctor just instruct us to support the uncle's shoulder and hip.. at first he injected dunno wad into his big big big pressure ulcer wound.. the uncle keep on struggling..T_T the only thing i can do is sayang his hand.. i dunno wad can i do for him.. he is very kesian.. and i asked him to tahan for a while.. he can listen to me.. he answered "okayyy"..with deep and low voice.. awww i was going to cry man.. i never knew that he can talk.. then doctor started to cut his dead skin using forceps and blade.. the uncle just lay quietly for him to cut..i was wondering what is he thinking.. sure he felt very painful but he cannot do anything.. =(

i'll pray for u uncle.. dont worry u will be ok.. :(

Friday, November 27, 2009


After 2 weeks of posting in hospital, i get to learn many things.. iv learnt that.. life is sooo fragile.. there are many cases that ive never expected in my entire life before.. we always read in newspaper that road accidents or perompakan happened everywhere.. and we never treat it seriously.. just treat those news as lame and boring.. but once u see the real patient.. u will think that this isnt small case.. haih..

i have one patient suffering from brain cancer.. its the final stage already and he is 50 years old only.. thats cruel... he just stay on the bed and cant move at all till he developed stage 4 pressure sore..the wound is very very big n deep til i can see the sacrum with my own eyes.. TT and his trochanter area also develop stage 3 pressure sore.. gosh... when doctor helped him do dressing, he uses the blade to cut the dead skin.. its so.... :( its soo painful till the semi conscious uncle shouted out loud ah.. haih heart break... and fyi.. pressure sore is something horrible horrible horrible..i wana vomit once i see it..
click if u wana know more or curious or *have the guts to see*..

And ya..a 21 years old lady has tumour in her brain too.. my goodness can u imagine? thats the time when we are heading towards our future and capture our dreams.. and thats the time when we enjoy our life too.. heard from my friend that she is bald and without eyebrow lo.. soo cruel huh.. T.T

Then there is one patient.. road accident.. omg i can see his tendon when doctor was doing dressing for him.. his skin is teared and half of it is gone.. i repeat.. GONE... like there is one big hole there.. the blood keep flowing and i thought im ok with it.. i just stand there and look at it.. but after a long time, i feel like vomiting and became pitam.. i can see bright light and i felt very hot.. so i quickly go out of the room.. so as my friend.. i think its because of the smell..makes us very uncomfortable.. then the second time i can see that his wound is healing..*of cz..this time i can tahan till the end lo hee* doctor told me that it takes about one month for the mitosis process.. heehee..after that the patient will undergo an operation which is to tampal skin from his other parts of body to his leg.. which will take a long long time too.. haih.. i wonder.. how about the fee ho? T.T

And a past footballer is paralyze..i heard from staff nurse that its something to do with his spinal cord..its so sudden for him and he keeps blaming the god and asking why the God wana curse him like this.. he is very depressed too.. and i saw doctor insert catheter into his penis.. gosh! can u imagine? insert a tube into a small hole.. aih aih.. apa nak jadi ni...

when i choose nursing everyone will be telling me that being a nurse needs to help people to clean faeces and urine.. yeah thats true.. i cleaned it and helped them to put pampers almost everyday.. diff kinds of faeces.. watery, hard, blackish, greenish, yellowish.. diff odours too.. but thats not the end of the world la hehe.. i still can tahan.. dont forget there is something called mask ma.. and something called gloves.. and theres something called double protection.. we wore 2 masks, 2 gloves and apron when we wana do this procedure.. so exaggerate and funny if we are attending H1N1 patient...hee but its for our own good ma.. who cares.. Xp

in short, so far i still love nursing and i believe it will increase more and more as time goes by.. its soo challenging as u will never know who and what kinda patients and injuries you will be facing everyday..they said we will know whether we really love nursing onot when we are in sem 3.. waiting for that time to come then! oh ya im going to sem 2 lo.. *cheers* hee

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

after a long long time... ^^

Its me again!hee..
I went to church with my sis on last sunday and she actually prayed for me that i will control myself from sitting in front of my lappy too long and neglected my studies.. she told God i bought p1 wimax eh.. cool~ hee dont worry i will control myself exam is coming soon.. my final exam.. aih time flies.. in just a nick of time summative exam is near and i haven't started my revision yet.. let me see.. gosh 25 more days to go.. aarh~

oh well i went to indah water, which is a sewerage company.. a company for sewerage treatment.. the weather was sooooooo damn hot ah... T.T we keep on sweating like hell and need to smell bau tahi and bau longkang again.. but its more to bau longkang la.. i cant really smell tahi.. XD

The funny thing is.. many villagers menceroboh that place and treat it as recreation centre.. the penasihat showed us many pics and they really brought many things for picnic at that place.. zzz not smelly kah?? just because there's a big pond there doesnt mean its recreation centre la... waliu..inside the pond is full of shit man... some even went there for fishing.. and kids gather there to find cacing..@_@ and play around.. but unfortunately.. there are a lot of cases where they fell into the pond and died.. because the sludge just like quicksand and pull them inside.. He said when they fell down into the pond, they will start to shout TAHI TAHI!! then start to dance shuffle inside and he really danced in front of us..
*p/s he is quite old...* heehee i really laugh till very long ah! soo funny kia..hihik! it was quite fun when compared to sitting in class whole day la..At least we have the chance to visit and expose to HUGE amount of shit ma.. XD i enjoyed it..^^

We start to study Malaysian studies or PA lo.. T.T sooooo boring ah.. but the good thing is.. out tutor always ask us to read by ourselves.. so i dont have to listen to him to read and read and read.... zzz he just tell us the stories and one is listening...i just look at those who sleeps in class..and laugh with my friend.. hihik.. their sleeping patterns all same ah.. the heads slowly become lower and lower and lower.. then when the head really *doom* drop down.. they will start to look around and pretending that they are stil conscious.. lolx so naughty..

you may be wondering why am i not sleeping..its simply because i drink coffee everyday... T.T i dont wana get addicted! but i just cant help it.. if i didnt drink coffee.. the whole day i will be sleeping in class man.. especially during psychology.. HELP ME!plus tutor always like to ask me questions.. always benadryl benadryl.. owh i wana langgar dinding liao.. =X stress.. =(

today is tuesday and i cant wait to go to church with my sis again.. its soo good to see her there.. but i dunno why.. everytime when they asked us to pray for each other.. i will cry when i pray for my sis.. i can smile and laugh for the first minute.. then second minute i was crying already..i guess the holy spirit is all around us that makes me so emo eh.. hihik.. but honestly.. who wouldn't cry oh if her sis is leaving to america soon? whenever i prayed for her that she will take good care of herself and stay connected to everyone of us when she is in america.. my tears will start to drop already..who can accompany me to go to church by that time? who will talk to me and give me many many things when we meet? who will laugh with me and sing with me in church that time? =X i know the rest can do those things.. but i just feel comfortable only when im with her in the church.. haih..

i really gonna miss you ah ying.. tho i may seemed cold to u and always him u.. but i really was playing with u nia la.. i really feel glad to see u every week.. you are the only closest one with me in kl..hell no i will hate u la... haih.. =X

okie done.. i've vomited out everything liao.. hihik! comfortable.. will write more next time..goodnight!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

To whom it may concerned

hey.. don't bully my friend la.. u are very cheap u know.. do such stupid things..zzz

Terasa kah? if terasa then u will know im actually talking about u.. please behave well and be civilized a bit.. dont act like cave man that does everything without thinking of the consequences.. as you grow older you will feel ashamed of what you did now.. so please.. stop! zzz

Monday, August 17, 2009



ah tian... why u x put my pic on ur big big pic? why u put u n loke chin nia!

i also wan!!

i also wan!!


i miss ya my friends! muacks

Friday, August 7, 2009



i hate to wash my clothes.....
i really dunno how to wash..
i spend half day "ku" in my toilet to wash my clothes u noe...
wash till backache..
now then i noe how izit feels like to do this everyday like wad u did always..

i also feel sick of the hairs on our floor...
the broom that we bought always stick to our hairs when we tried to sweep it...
the more we sweep, the more the hair on our floor..
so amount of hair is directly proportional to rate of sweeping..XD stupid..

like wad u said mami..
the hairs on our floor really can make a wig lo..
and the sand on the floor can plant a cactus.. T.T

and and and...
my kitchen suddenly gt mushroom man..
mushroom! gosh.... i x put fertilizer pun..
its just beside the basin..
i was thinking..
ok ok grow more! im gonna cook you
but after im back from college..
mati sudah!
easy come easy go.. hihik
the babies all mati also..
sangat kesian..
but can u imagine how cute izit?
whole bunch of mushroom squeeze at the corner of my kitchen wall..

okie thats all..
h1n1 is very serious nowadays..
my tutor everyday force us to eat vitamin c..
even sat and sun also need to eat..
hmm very good very good!
go away ahini!

take care oh my friends and family..
drink more water (i pandai cakap nia la..)
oh ya mami dadi i drink 1.5l of water everyday..
chun chun 1.5l..
hihik i will take good care of myself..dont worry! ^^

tha tha.. <<< who actually noe that tha tha is bahasa tamil?

friends.. i pandai in bahasa tamil oh! next time cakap bahasa tamil with u ppl

mami dadi aying afui popo and my friends..
nan unei kadelikirain!



Wednesday, July 29, 2009

hantu again...

Ghost ghost ghost.. everywhere! my hostel is haunted! T.T
what should i do...haih

so far theres nth happened in my unit.. the rest, same floor as mine even saw them.. pass by the window... we can hear ppl talk abt this topic anytime anywhere..
let me hao lian my bm.. ahem!

mutakhir ini,isu mengenai hantu di hostel saya semakin hangat diperkatakan dan tidak pernah lekang dari bibir penghuni hostel ini.. bak bata pepatah, tak tumbuh tak melata, tak sungguh orang tak kata.. yea that's right! =p

today i heard my classmates said last night our malay fren, counted as my neighbour screamed til sooo loud..some kinda like hysteria..then pengsan..we stay in 11th floor..even 1st floor also can listen le.. i wonder why i dunno roommates also dunno too.. they said me and my roommates like out-dated.. dunno anything since they stay beside us only and there were a lot alot of things happened already..we stil everyday hehe haha duno anything.. but i choose nt to know much about it.. im scared!

i dont dare to take bath.. when i wana pang jio.. i ask my roommate to sit outside my toilet and i dun wana close my door.. hihik when i wana wash my clothes, i ask her to stand outside too..heehee! but she is more berani so i dont have to do such things like waiting for her outside.. hihik

i will stay strong la! like i mentioned last time.. i have a friend that can see dirty things right? she said our unit very clean.. so we dont have to worry.. but la..last night she saw that thing walking outside our unit.. so my roommate put the buddhist azimat on our door.. dont wana let her come in! hee.. please.... dont come in... T.T

my christian fellowship senior told me one thing.. jesus is bigger in my heart than that i dont have to be afraid of it! yea.. i hope i can find peace here.. i dun wana stay 4 3 years dalam keadaan yang very huru hara.. like my friends.. they cried almost everyday.. very kesian le... haih

God.. must bless me and my unit oh! i dont wana see that thingy! ask her to leave us alone ya! hee.. thats all.. paipai!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

3rd week!

wheee.. andrew kuek 18 years old lu! heee.. friends.. remember ya! exactly 1 month from now is my birthday liao.. heee.. anyway! andrew... happy birthday! stay handsome oh! heee..

actually i wnated to go out with kz them today.. to sunway pyramid.. but again.. due to some problems.. i cant make it again.. haih so disappointed.. so i change my destination lo.. to summit complex.. my college is inside that complex basically i went there everyday.. hihik sien..

ok guess what.. i used backdoor to enter the complex.. then i saw a lot of ppl standing near the door and taking pics.. i was wondering whats wrong with them.. then when i turn to the back.. okay.. the " zhang dong liang" is behind me.. tho im not a fan of him.. but seeing an artist standing behind me feels great la! heee.. then my fren used my phone to take his pic lo..

paiseh to say that.. fans here very very cold ah.. lol they very tenang d when they saw him.. kesian sangat le.. hehehe whatever la..

i really ate a lot among my friends.. believe me friends.. and im always the fastest one to menghabiskan my food.. i always add on rice ah so normally i ate two plates of rice.. dunno my appetite become very good ki or the rice memang very lil nia.. then i start to realize dat my lil tummy became a bit big ki le.. heeee.. then i pa pa and spent my evening by swimming for 1 hour.. nyahaha! skinny kia wil grow fat also d oh.. haih

heee me and my sama type friend.. she is as skinny as me! ^^

mami dadi ah.. i spent a lot oh this week.. spending rm100 in a week normal ma? oops.. hihik! i x use the money to shop and buy clothes la.. i bought household items.. preparing to be housewife liao.. blek! hee..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

another fun day..

its me again! hee.. i went for injection this morning.. hepertitis B.. hee we woke up at 6am just to wait for the bus.. then around 10 something baru start to inject.. it was fun.. cz no need 2 go 2 class.. we sat there whole day and i slept on the sofa there.. very very tired.. T.T we took many pics while waiting for our turn.. we waited from 6am til 10am neh.. so sien..

neh my friends! heee

our injection still ok la.. i can tahan.. not so painful.. after injection.. no feeling le.. no sweat! hehehe..

makanan saya! hehehe

oh ya oh ya!! i saw beatrice seng!! soo happy to see kuching ppl here! touched ah.. then she told me sebastian is here too! waaa!!!a bit excited..nia.. hehehe!!

i wana pia game liao.. someone asked me 2 do so.. ish! hihik tha tha!

Sunday, July 12, 2009


im really scared now.. one of my friends is telling ghost story.. she said she has 3rd eyes.. she said her cousin gave her a doll when she was very young.. like the anak patung d eyes can flip d.. den she very nice with the doll.. everynight play with the doll and talk to the doll.. but because she was very young, she doesnt know that she actually really really talking and interacting to the doll!

she hugged the doll everynight to sleep d ma.. one night, her doll is gone and she woke up and find the doll.. but she cant find it.. then she continue to sleep.. but she felt that its not right.. she search it everywhere but cant find.. then she woke up and find again.. stil cant find.. then she beh tahan liao.. walk around and find.. den.. the doll is sitting in front of the cupboard.. u noe the doll when u lift her up, her eyes can open d ah.. then she x lift her up oh.. just hug kin her doll and make it lie on her thigh.. and continue to talk to her la.. suddenly the doll opened her eyes.. and smile to her.. yerrr!!!!!!!!! all of us " yeerrrrr" like hell ah.. hihik..

then she really siak dao and threw the doll away.. threw out of her room.. then the next day she wrapped it in plastic bad and put on top of the cupboard at other room.. then everynight she can hear the plastic bag sound.. yerr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then next morning the room very very messy and the doll jatuh keluar.. and one time when she opened her bag, she found the doll inside her bag.. lol soooo scaryyyyy!!

and many many many more! i lazy to tell liao.. wana pay attention to her talk.. hihik cya

Its me again!

hihik! i can online again!

i went to sunway pyramid with my frens yesterday.. i asked andrew chai, kz and dex to go wid me too but they are busy with their works.. sigh* but nevermind la.. stil gt many chances..hihik

wahhhh..sunway lagoon.. the last time i went there is primary 4 neh! kesian! we wana go again next week if next week cant balik kampung.. =) hihik

the middle one is from pahang, same size as me! hee.. the other one is from melaka.. the way they talk ha.. weird dao.... hehehek

my roommate.. the rest busy le.. =p

the middle one is not my roommate.. she came to my room everynight to do assignment..

mami, see my master piece! hihik
assignment for anatomy and pysiology.. dats a carpal.. nice? =p

oh ya.. i dun wana upload the pics of my room first.. ful with bras and panties.. hiahia!! cz no place to sidai baju ah.. T.T next time ba! hee

in short.. im quite happy here... cz my friends and seniors all very nice.. the bad thing is our tutors very strict nia.. make us everyday very kintio to go to school.. but nvm la.. i know its for our own good.. i will take care d..hihik cya

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


wheeeeeee.. online at cyber cafe at m,y first floor..hihik! with my roommate.. we actually find tokoh kejururawatan.. but done already.. so waste money a while lo..hee.. once in a blue moon..

now im wondering,.. where is sebastian, irene? i saw that there was a bus from monash outside my condo everyday.. i wonder whether sebas stay here onot ho? hee

till now im quite satisfied la.. oh ya!!! pbsm friends.. do u still remember ur leader? she was president before sharon shen.. yea she is my senior.. so touched to see kuching or even gaporian here.. and got 2 of dem neh! hee.. can go back to kuching together lo..

anyway im goin back on 21th of sept or earlier.. prepare to meluangkan masa and go out with my kuching friends.. heehee!

gtg now.. bye for now! wait til i get my allowance liao den i wil come and on9 again! hee
miss ya my family and friends! bye

Sunday, July 5, 2009


okie im going back to my hostel liao.. cannot on9 lo.. TT (mebe next week can la hee)
and my friends.. dun wana list all your names.. later missed out one jiu big problem lo.. hihik

Take care ya my dear friends and family.. Really.. must take care oh!
-hugs and kisses- by bi! hee

happy sunday

Today is sunday.. last night slept with my sis.. quite comfortable and warm tho very very sempit.. both of us squeezed on a single bed.. and her floor is full of wires.. laptop chargers,phone chargers and etc etc.. i really scared the extension wire will boom! and terbakar ah.. hihik
Her junior is moving into their rooms.. so my sister and her roomate are tidying their rooms..

see this budak..

she is cleaning her ceiling fan..

malang tidak berbau..

the cover of the fan terjatuh.. so you can see the "ti tu si" all jatuh ke lantai, her bed, her laptop and everywhere..
and she just swept and mopped her floor nia..

so bopien lo do it again ba.. hihik!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

yes!! i can on9 lo!
i wana say many things ah!
first of all..

sobs.. im not with you now.. so sad.. T.T
mami i wish u happy birthday and hope you healthy always..
dont always angry oh.. i will guai guai study d..
and i will jaga myself baik baik d.. dont worry ya..

I love you forever mami! hapy birthday!

today is the forth day since i entered my college..
the first day very nice.. quite excited and happy.. then i thought that staying away frm my mami dadi not dat bad le.. i thought i will be very happy..

But the second day when i woke up.. first thing that came across my mind was.. " mami cook what for me ho today?" but... no mami.. T.T i wana bath.. but soooo cold! i wan water heater! TT
Then when we walked to school.. only thing that came to my mind was.. no dadi to fetch me liao.. tears start to drop again..Then in the class i still can talk to my friends so im very ok.. but lecture wants us to write two essays.. one of the essays is.. KELUARGA SAYA.. haih.. so u noe lo.. my paper was very wet.. tears drop and drop and drop.. luckily no ppl realized it.. i need time to adapt without parents d feeling la... T.T

My third day very ok liao.. i didnt cry anymore.. i bought garment rack and shoes rack with my friend but we dunno how to fix it.. the garment rack drop down and the tiang knocked tiok my finger ah! straight away bengkak.. really painful ah but i tahan kin la.. till now my finger still cant move le.. kesian sangat..

Today many ppl balik kampung.. me too! i balik my sis's hostel in INTEC UITM.. she just back frm kuching so my mum tapao kolo mee and cakes and many things for so touched so i cried again.. when i saw mami and dadi's pic in aying's cupboard.. i cried again.. when im typing this.. yea im crying..Hope i wont become buta ah.. >_<

k la.. forget about it.. show u my condominium..

from the window beside my bed.. hee

my friends..hee

Got problem now.. haih..gtg..cya

Saturday, June 27, 2009


Wah! many ppl can be teacher lo! I also kena! kai yen also! kenny also!

Malaysia got hope lu!! we are bakal teachers yang cemerlang!

but im not.. i will be nurse cemerlang.. hihik!

If i accept the offer ah then i will fly to johor.. err kampus temenggung ibrahim.. with kenny.. same place same course.. bopien lo kenny.. looks like our jodoh sampai sini saja.. hehe!

All the best my friends! Wish ya all good luck!

Fui took his report card today.. her results very good.. but her flexi for bahasa cina 8 marks nia.. hihik 8!.. flexi konon.. useless d la haiya!

"kap kap kap"

When im looking at this pic.. feel like wana play super mario.. hehehe

Friday, June 26, 2009

YAY again!!


My dearest
sukying can be teacher lu!! Perak friends.. She's coming!!!

* deng deng deng deng * shark lai liao d sound.. hihik

Congratz my dear friend!

I noe you are happy.. im damn happy for you too! hee

Oh ya!! and shyh ning too!! hee congratz!
For those who x kena.. nvm la.. dont give up ya.. be tough and be happy! ^^

Thursday, June 25, 2009







heee.. i accidentally cut my nose ah!
*kesian face*

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bye KL

Today is a very moody day.. while i was studying, i received a message from my friend.. She said me and her..both of us only..are going to TERENGGANU instead of kl.. okay... Terengganu..haih.. My mum called the person in charged and she said Government last minute arrange us to study there.. LAST MINUTE???

haih... im ready to go to kl lo..y wana treat me like this le? T.T plus i dun have dear friends there.. suli, kz, ac, dex, mh! cant go out lo! cancelled everything.. how disapponting.. >_<

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My card for beloved daddy!

I hope my daddy wil remain as young as ever..

hee my father's day card for my daddy.. sweet ma? =)

our master pieces.. hee

Happy Father's Day papa!

I love u muchie muchie muchie! muacks

Thursday, June 18, 2009

My sweetest memories ever!

steal suli's nice pic.. hihik paiseh

Yong siang 'was' so handsome.. hihik

curi again.. =p

my sisters

waa..still young.. hihik

That's all..kiss ya with my sexy lips! muacks ^^