Tuesday, May 7, 2013

GE 13

Today is 7th of May, Post Election Day 2. Yes this election indeed changed us, we become more united but is that all? Im so sick and sad because everywhere I see, I see Cina babi, Cina balik China posts in FB. I mean, come on people, this is the 56th year we Malay Chinese Indians and bumiputera live together under one roof, how could they still say something like this?
I have nothing against other races, Im sure all my Malay friends dont hate me too. I have so many Malay friends back in my college and hospital, they all treated me well. Probably because Im friendly too :) My point is, Chinese, please please.. Dont do something silly that creates chaos, whats with the silent walk? whats with the mask and the black parade? whats with the terbalik Malaysia flag? Are you aware of what you are doing? I know you guys love Malaysia but can you think first before doing something like this? This is really offensive, you cant play a fool with our Malaysia flag, it will lead you to all kinds of troubles only. I appreciate your guts to do this for a change but you should think of the consequences too! And now what happens? The extreme people use this as an opportunity to create tension between races. Apa lagi Cina mahu? What kind of title is that?
What else we Chinese want? Im a chinese, let me tell you what i want.
- I want fair and clean election, and at least allow changes. You see US, they hated blacks but changes happened and they have Black as president. Cant Malaysia change too? - If this election can cause so so many problems and nothing changes, i rather not to have election. - I want Malaysians to love each other, say no to RACISM. - I want everyone to fear God, fear and respect your own God. When you fear God, its unlikely you will do things that your God hates. Crimes, Adultery, Corruption, you name it.
When you are on top, its hard to resist corruption. I mean if you and I were president, how many of us can resist and really say no to corruption? That's why, fear your God.
We dont always know God's plan for His plan and thoughts are always higher than ours. There's surely a reason God allows BN to win for this election. So bi, no more complaining, I will have faith and follow God's will. No matter who wins, I pray to God to forgive all of us, and I pray for better Malaysia. Amen!

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