Sunday, August 9, 2015


Im back after more than a year heheh. Decided to start blogging again after seeing my sis's posts. So inspiring ☺️

Looking at my old posts, i talked so much about how many months i have been working and my working experiences, 2 months.. 7months.. And now, in just a blink of an eye, its already my 3rd year working as a nurse in IJN. I no longer count how many months i have been working, i count how many months left till i finish my contract with IJN. 
Not to say IJN is not a good working place, i love it. But im just missing my family in kuching, and im sick of living in KL. 6 years is enough. KL is always noisy, hectic and chaotic. 
What to do in the future? I have no idea. Im gonna start my degree course very soon, not sure if its a wise move, but it's better than growing old with one diploma cert only right? 

I also talked so much about my bf in my old posts. 2 years anniversary, 4 years anniversary.. This year is our 7th anniversary already, and we are still growing strong and loving each other like our first date. Its funny how a primary school mate, the short and naughty one can turn out to be my bf for 7 years ❤️ and he definitely grew taller after I insulted him for being shorter than me back in form 1. Hehehe. What a motivation ☺️

So long for now, byee