Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Fruitful day

With my heavy footsteps and tired body, i  entered my room after back from havoc night shift in ICU. Looking at my sister who was sleeping peacefully and tucking herself in the thick blanket under cold air conditioned room, gosh isnt that heaven?

Jumped onto my bed after showering and fell asleep in few minutes. Woken up by my sis after few hours, saying that she is hungry. I got up and we prepared to go out for lunch. Ate at kyochon, then we went shopping for clothes and many random stuffs. My purse, them bleeds. 

Back home at 6.30pm, after getting ready, we went down to gym to workout. Talking about working out, its not that i want to lose weight, cos i have nothing much to lose hehe. Its because im feeling so unhealthy recently, my knee pain is killing me especially when i squat down, or going down the stairs. And my stamina is dropping cos of lack of exercise. This is definitely not good. I took being skinny for granted, never bothered to exercise, and thanks to my physiotherapist sister, i am now fully aware of the consequences of not exercising. 
Did 30 minutes of bike cycling exercise and swam for 4 laps. It was super exhausting, even my fat sister has better stamina than me. T_T

It was quite a long day for me and i enjoyed every single minute because I'm spending it with the one i love, my sister :) 

That's all for today, goodnight! 


  1. Bibi I didn't know, your knee pain is killing you! That serious? :( do more quadriceps strengthening exercise!

    1. Not killing me la but definitely bothering me. I do cycling exercise, is it enough?